Admissions Policy

Admission Requirements

Tenby Schools shall consider for admission any student who is at least three years old (Early Years) and not older than eighteen years old (for Year 12) on September 1st (Tenby International School) or January 1st (Sekolah Sri Tenby) of any academic year. Tenby Schools are open to all students whose educational needs can be met within the provision of the schools.

Admission into a Tenby Schools and placement in classes, providing space is available, is based on successful completion of all application procedures, submission of required documentation and successful completion of an admissions test (appropriate to the year/form level).

Parents will need to attach the application fee upon filling the Application for Admission Form and to schedule a mutually consented assessment date and time.

After assessment (with the approval of the School Principal), parents will be informed of the schools decision to offer a place at Tenby Schools; a letter of offer and the acceptance form will be issued to parents.

Having been given an offer of a place, the family should confirm acceptance and pay the Registration Fee, Deposit (interest free) and the Term Fees due. Upon receipt the students place will be secure.

Admissions Assessment

We are non-selective and use the GL Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) as a means of assessing potential. The results will provide data that will assist the school in building an individual learning pathway for the students. However, it may also indicate that more specialist support is required and this support may not be available at Tenby Schools Ipoh.

CAT4 assesses a student’s ability to reason with and manipulate different types of material through a series of verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial ability tasks. Three online tests are taken during the assessment period and in order to be considered for a place, prospective students will be expected to demonstrate they have at least average potential in these tests. Students may be invited in to the school for an additional interview and/or asked to provide further evidence of their aptitude in such areas as English Language and Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian National curriculum schools), before a final decision is made. Students will sit the test applicable to the year group appropriate for their age.

There are three possible outcomes:


A place is offered at the school.

Not Ready Yet

The family will be notified within ten days, to allow for alternative arrangement to be made. Students who fall into this category may reapply the following year.


A place is offered on a conditional basis with specific terms and conditions set, including a review date, mutually agreed by both the school and parents.

Re-Admission of Students

Tenby Schools shall not accept any student who was asked to leave another Tenby Schools for behavioural reasons.

Late Admission

  • Students will not be offered a place in the final year of the IGCSE/SPM course (Year 11/Form 5) unless they have been studying the same course in a similar organisation.
  • Students will not be offered a place in the final year of the A Level (Year 13) unless they have been studying the same course in a similar organisation.

Mid-Year Admissions

  • Students relocating to Malaysia may apply at any time of year following the normal application procedures.
  • Sometimes students may need mid-year admittance. In such cases, we will admit the student if they have passed the required CAT4 tests, submitted completed applications and if places are available.
  • If places become vacant during the year, we will identify and contact parents on the waiting list.

Acceptance of Records From Other Schools

  • Records carry the official logo and signature of the school the student attended.
  • The records are provided by a school either recognised by an accrediting agency or a governmental body.
  • The records are complete in terms of information provided for the entire previous year in which the student attended school.

Assignment of Students to Classes

  • School Principals are responsible for assigning students to the various classes. Students will not be assigned according to parent and/or student requests.
  • Students may also be placed in a year below their chronological age if it is viewed by the school that their educational needs would be better served at this level.

Special Needs and Learning Support Students

We will only admit students with special and/or learning support needs if the student is able to access the curriculum on offer with limited assistance. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Support will be provided in all our schools wherever possible and students will be monitored in terms of their progress in English. Parents are expected to support the development of English outside of the school.

Return of Admissions Fees

Tenby Schools will not refund any fees paid for admissions application and testing.

Privacy Statement

Tenby Schools respects your privacy and that of your child. Information collected on this site will be used and stored in accordance with the PDPA Act 2010.

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