University Preparation

When students go to university, they are expected to perform at a higher level of what they are used to in schools. They must exhibit critical thinking, maturity in decision making and display a high degree of effective problem-solving skills, as part of their higher education. 

With our philosophy of Amazing Learning, students understand that expectations are natural for high-calibre individuals like themselves and are equipped with the tools to turn expectations into opportunities. By embracing the good struggle, they have a key skill that will serve them well in university and far beyond.

Smaller Classes, Dedicated Support

At Tenby Schools Penang, Sixth Form students receive the personal guidance and support they need to perform to their full potential in their university applications.

In addition to a dedicated Head of Sixth Form, who handles all matters pertaining to this stage of education, and a University and Careers guidance counsellor who assists with university applications and any personal issues encountered by the students, small class sizes ensure that teachers are able to mentor students on a one-on-one basis, working through any stumbling blocks they may face while providing further reading and guidance to those who excel.

We also have a detailed and thorough preparation process for students applying to universities across the globe and in Malaysia.  This includes visiting universities and making sure personal statements and applications provide our students with the best chance of attending their chosen institution.

Developing The Person, Not Just The Student

The time for teachers and parents to entrust students with the responsibility of making the right academic and personal choices is Sixth Form. 

With the A Level syllabus, students are given the freedom to opt for subjects which they genuinely enjoy and can foresee a career in, and our teachers are on hand to help them through the selection process. The small and more intimate nature of Sixth Form also means that students can develop stronger, more adult relationships with their classmates and teachers, aiding the enhancement of interpersonal skills that will be crucial in their adult life to come.

In total, this approach moves students away from the more top-down approach of earlier Key Stages and helps to mould a well-rounded individual who can thrive both academically and socially when in university.

Amazing Learning, For Life

We have heard the phrase “it’s all in the mind” a million times. That’s because it’s true. The mind helps us think and feel emotions, so the best way to strengthen the resolve of students is to build a confident and combative mindset. With a lot of determination and perseverance, anything is possible and at Tenby Schools Penang, our Amazing Learning philosophy makes developing self-belief an important feature.

Once students embrace the good struggle, they will appreciate the importance of their accomplishments in a more meaningful way, constantly keeping in mind the intense effort required of them to overcome hurdles to get to this point. Nowhere is the Amazing Learning philosophy more visible and valuable than in Sixth Form.

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