Delivering Amazing Learning through the International Curriculum; Malaysian National Curriculum, from Early Years to Sixth Form (ages 2+ to 18). Boarding House available (ages 12+).


At a Glance


Early Years
With a focus on fostering natural learning within a positive learning environment, teachers use multiple strategies to keep children engaged and eager to discover the world around them.
While students gain proficiency in academic subjects, they are also led to discover a world beyond their classroom. Each student’s learning progress is closely monitored to make sure they are always getting better.
As children grow, taking ownership of their learning is key to developing independent critical-thinking skills. As such, students are encouraged to ask questions while also being challenged to discover the answers.
Sixth Form
As young adults, students are expected to assume responsibility for both their academic success and development of life skills. Small class sizes ensure they have adequate contact time with teachers, who play the role of mentor.

Experience Tenby Schools

Voices of Tenby Schools Ipoh

My personal and professional experiences of working in Tenby Schools Ipoh have equipped me with the initiative, passion, competency, and commitment. This has enabled me to develop a wide range of practical skills. I am able to manage challenging behaviour effectively, conduct activities safely and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Further, I am very creative and enjoy conducting experiments and simple activities that make learning interesting. Most importantly, my ability to work well with others, motivate and inspire is a very significant contribution in Tenby Schools Ipoh.

Kutappana Ganesan Vinodh
Head of Science

I am proud to be part of the Tenby Community. Tenby students are eager to learn and show motivation to excel academically and in extracurricular activities. With a wide range of CCA, students are able to unleash their potential and develop leadership skills through active participation in different society. Extracurricular activities are just as important as academics. They both complement each other to develop a well-rounded student with ‘real world’ skills such as time management, teamwork, public speaking, analytical thinking and social skills.

Tan Hui Ru
CCA and Events Manager

Strive to do your best. Be persistent, work hard and remember to persevere on all your tasks and work. Have a grounded faith in yourself, your teachers and the school and you will achieve more than what you set out to do.

Lau Pin Sian
Head of Sekolah Tenby

I have felt truly welcome as the new Head of Sixth Form at Tenby Ipoh. The students exude a sense of community and a love for their school that I hope to continue to foster over the coming years. I look forward to working hard with and for our young people to ensure that they go out into the world prepared to contribute wherever they may be as effective global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Becky Gray
Head of Sixth Form

Physical education starts first thing in the morning; wake up, listen to your body, test yourself, know your limits, don’t run fast but run long, keep moving, sometimes you have to lose something to win, teaching by learning, kids learn from experiences, adults learn from books, let them run, let them fall, let them get hurt, the result does matter but how the kids handle the result is most important.

Mohd Fadzil bin Kamaruddin
Head of Sports

It is a privilege to be part of an educational establishment which believes that every day is an opportunity to work towards the creation of a school where students, staff and parents are beating down the doors to get in … not out.

Marina Walker
Head of English

When I was doing my PGCE in the UK almost 2 decades ago, I learned the 4 Gs & stages that makes a great lesson: Get them in; Get them on; Get on with them & Get them out! When I joined Tenby 3 years ago, I experienced the 4Gs of a great school: Great environment; Great students; Great staff; Great future!

Eugene Azor
Former Head of Secondary - Tenby International School

It is a great pleasure to be the Campus Principal at Tenby Schools Ipoh, our community is a truly learning focused one where everyone works hard at getting better in all that they do. As well as achieving outstanding academic results year on year, and accomplishing amazing feats in Sports and the Arts, our students leave us having developed 21st Century skills; critical problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity that prepare them for the challenges ahead. Our students are both inspired to learn and empowered to excel during their time at Tenby, and I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Richard Davidson
Former Campus Principal

I was very impressed with the Annual Buddy Exchange Programme that Tenby Schools Ipoh participates as part of the International Schools Partnership. My son went to Spain for 3 weeks and the experience he gained from it was priceless. As parents, we also hosted an exchange student (Alejandro) from Spain and had a great time showing off our country to him. It was great to see both my son and Alejandro embrace each other’s differences with respect and tolerance. We believe that Tenby Schools Ipoh lays an excellent and unique platform for international and cultural learning not just for students but for their families as well, besides fostering new friendships across the world.

Mrs. May Chan
Parent at Tenby Schools Ipoh

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Meet Our Alumni

Sixth Form, Class of 2012
William Tan

Having spent almost 13 years in Tenby Schools Ipoh, from primary school education all the way to the A Levels programme, my experiences there have played a huge part in my personal growth and development. Good teaching quality and small class sizes helped me excel academically. In particular, the Mathematics and Physics subjects in A Levels provided me a strong foundation to pursue an engineering degree, and the knowledge still serves me well in my current endeavours.

Cohort 10 (CIE A-Levels 2014/2015)
Chan Weng Kit

My memories of Tenby date back to when I began my CIE A-Levels as a SiWu scholar in Cohort 10 – the largest cohort at the time. The A-Levels programme is well known for its rigorousness and it would sometimes feel a bit daunting. Fortunately, all my teachers were extremely supportive of the progress I made and were always willing to go the extra mile to explain a concept until I thoroughly understood it. As a result, my confidence soared and I relished all my lessons. I finished my A2 examinations in November 2015, obtaining excellent results for my CIE A-Levels. This is a testament to the dedication and sacrifice of my teachers and for this I cannot thank them enough.

King’s College London

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