A Typical Day at Tenby Schools

Tenby International School

Our carefully-balanced lesson plans are designed to help students develop the skills necessary to face the challenges of the world. Teachers encourage active participation in the classroom and seek to engage students at several levels. Excellence is expected and teachers employ multiple strategies to help students attain it. The aim is for them to experience Amazing Learning moments, where they surprise themselves at how much they have improved.

Early Years
A typical day begins with a warm welcome from teachers. This sets the tone for the day – it’s all about learning about the world around them in a positive environment. Teachers use multiple strategies to keep children engaged and eager to learn, and children have fun learning together in a hands-on environment.
Teachers enter the classroom with carefully-crafted lesson plans designed with one goal in mind - to engage with children and help them broaden their horizons. Teachers encourage students to look beyond the classroom, and see how the concepts they are learning connect to the world around them. Each student’s learning progress is observed closely and assessed to make sure they are always getting better.
Secondary / Sixth Form
Classrooms buzz with good energy as students are encouraged to be curious and ask questions while also being challenged to discover the answers for themselves. Letting students take ownership of their learning is key to developing independent critical-thinking skills. Teachers also take a more active role as guides and mentors, not just in their students’ journey towards academic excellence but also in personal growth.
Sekolah Sri Tenby

Our approach to learning is designed to give our students a truly international outlook. Diversity is evident from day one, with our student population representing numerous countries. Respect and appreciation of the multicultural environment is reinforced by our multilingual academic focus. English and Bahasa Melayu are the main languages of instruction and students are encouraged to take an optional third language.

Children are trained to develop critical and creative thinking skills through careful questioning by experienced teachers. Our student-focused approach creates a conducive learning environment that challenges students to build new skills, and develop independence and resilience.
Lessons are purposefully designed to challenge students to think, and to have the courage to inquire if they need more information. Character-building is also a major focus, as our pedagogy and learning culture encourage students to develop the qualities necessary for global-mindedness and holistic personal development.
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