Campus & Facilities

Combining rich heritage with a contemporary outlook, our purpose-built campus in Bandar Meru Raya supports our aim of providing a world-class, well-rounded educational offering.

At Tenby Schools Ipoh, we understand that children need to grow holistically in order to lead truly fulfilling lives as adults. As such, we strive to provide an environment where their physical, mental and emotional needs can be met. 

Ours is a modern, purpose-built campus, sited at the foot of Bandar Meru Raya’s beautiful limestone hills and covering 13 acres in total. This tranquil location is perfect for learning as it is free from distractions, with a host of facilities that allow for rigorous intellectual endeavour and a broad range of co-curricular activities.

Opened in 2013, the campus’ wide open spaces and lush greenery creates a calming environment which is conducive for learning. Classroom teaching is enhanced by a complete range of facilities that reflect our commitment to our students’ holistic development, while full boarding facilities provide a wholesome and fulfilling lifestyle for students.

A Conducive Environment For Enhanced Learning

Our learning focused facilities enable our students to explore and develop their talents and soft skills, while our sport and recreational facilities provide the opportunity for students to develop their bodies in addition to their minds and souls.

Swimming Pool
Art Rooms
Basketball Courts
Dining Room (Early Years)
Covered Playground (Early Years)
Wading Pool (Early Years)
Design & Technology Laboratory & Patio
Performing Arts
Football Field
ICT Suites
Music Rooms
Individual Music Practice Rooms
Medical Centre
Science Laboratories
Sixth Form Learning Centre
Multi-Purpose Hall
Tennis Courts
Fitness Suite
Learning Centre
Boarding Houses

A Home Away From Home

Our Meru Desa Park boarding houses provide accommodation and a caring environment for our boarders aged 11 years upwards. They consist of four secure, three storey, adjoining townhouses in a gated housing development close to the school campus, with two houses reserved for boys and two for girls.

In addition to well equipped dorms, there are large social, dining and study areas downstairs as well as kitchens and laundry areas, while a well-appointed recreation area contains a table tennis table and a basketball hoop. The boarding houses also have a dedicated common room for Sixth Form students.

Creating a home away from home falls to our experienced Boarding House Parents and a team of tutors. Through their care and guidance we provide a safe and secure environment where children from different backgrounds can thrive and learn what true international-mindedness means in practice. Learning to live away from home teaches children independence, resilience and tolerance as well as an understanding of the needs of others.

The Boarding House is overseen by a Head of Boarding and A Senior Leader from the whole school leadership team.

Wading Pool

Multipurpose Space

Science Laboratories

Music Rooms

ICT Suites

Football Field

Art Rooms


Basketball Court

Swimming Pool


Sports Complex

Early Years Classroom

Early Years Outdoor Playground

Early Years Outdoor Playground

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Log Climbing

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Balancing Beam

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Wigwam

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Climbing Wall & Hobbit Hole

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Slide & Tunnel

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Climbing Log & Tunnel

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Slide

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Climbing Net

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Sand Pit

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Log Scramble, Traversing Rope & Climbing Ramp

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Mini Water Flow

Early Years Outdoor Playground - Shallow Pond

Reception Area

Sixth Form Area

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