Educational Visits & Residential Trips

At Tenby Schools Ipoh, we consider after school activities to be an integral part of all our students’ learning and fully expect that our students involve themselves in these as part of their educational experience. This is because it develops the whole person, giving students the opportunity to experience activities which may become a life-long interest while enhancing a sense of accomplishment built by overcoming challenges in a fun, participation-based setting.

Our after school activities are run across both our International and Malaysian National schools, meaning that students can interact and develop friendships outside their own circle while improving their social and interpersonal skills in the process.

School Trips

Our students get the chance to travel to exciting destinations, whether as part of class or year group learning, or through organised trips open to multiple year groups. Some of our more recent destinations include:

  • Trip to Taiping Museum (Year 2)
  • Trip to Kledang Saiong Eco Forest Park (Year 3)
  • Trip to the Malaysian Parliament (Year 6)
  • Trip to Taiping Zoo (Year 6)
  • Trip to Penang (Form 2-4)
  • Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia (Tenby International School, Secondary)
  • Trip to Malacca (Tenby International School, Secondary)


This is just a sample of the trips students enjoy, and does not include the many educational day trips that are organised to enhance learning and provide context to textbook material.

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