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Tenby Ipoh Leadership Team

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Our leadership is made up of highly experienced and passionate teachers. Across both Tenby International School and Sekolah Sri Tenby, our teachers take great pride in our Amazing Learning ethos and constantly strive to connect philosophy and action to ensure students are given personalised guidance to excel inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers here know that they can make an impact far beyond the classroom. By instilling a school culture that places emphasis on independence and resilience, they play a key role in developing students with the attributes necessary to be successful in both work and life.

Andy Hill
Campus Principal

Andy was born and raised in the beautiful town of Dronfield in Derbyshire, UK. He completed his degree in Physics in Sheffield, (The same campus where his eldest son is now studying), before completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Education at St Martin’s College (University of Lancaster). After teaching for short time in the independent sector in the UK, Andy decided to give back to the world and move overseas with the VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) to work as a teacher in some of the poorer parts of Kenya and that is how he came to fall in love with Africa. After completing his service, Andy decided to stay in Kenya and became a teacher of Physics at Braeburn School.

Over the next twenty-five years, Andy’s career flourished, and he progressed through the middle leadership ranks as Head of Boarding, Head of Physics and Head of Science before taking on Deputy headship and then Headship in 2004 of three schools within the Braeburn Group of International Schools.

In 2012 Andy was appointed Executive Head Teacher of Braeside School (now known as Braeside Lavington). Under Andy’s leadership the school went from strength to strength both in terms of student numbers, teacher training, pastorally and academically. Braeside is now recognised as one of the leading schools in Kenya with his long-lasting legacy resulting in the best IGCSE results in Kenya this year. In 2018, Andy was appointed the Managing Director of the whole Braeburn Group and under his guidance the group not only acquired two more schools but also the reputation of being the Premium International Schools Group in East Africa and Tanzania.

As a great advocate of Lifelong Learning, Andy holds his NPQEL (National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders) and was awarded Fellowship of the Chartered College of Teaching in 2022 (an award which recognises the commitments and achievements of leaders who have shown a significant and sustained contribution to the teaching profession) He is now working on his Masters in Educational Leadership but is still thinking about his area of research!

Loving the mindset of “good struggles” Andy fully embrace the Tenby and ISP learning philosophy; to fall in love with the Malaysian culture and continue the amazing work of the teachers of Tenby Schools Ipoh. Andy is accompanied by his wife Leigh (who also has a background in education) and their youngest sons; twins Gabrael and Zachariah who are 3 and a half.



Meet our Leadership Team

Tenby Ipoh Head of Early Years
Andurette van der Merwe
Head of Early Years

Andurette is originally from South Africa and has moved to Malaysia with her husband, Hanro. She has been an Early Years teacher for 28 years. She trained and worked as a teacher in South Africa before starting an international career in August 2003 and have had various leadership roles in the Early Years. She has experience in different curriculum working in Malawi, Sudan, Latvia, Egypt and Qatar. Over the last two years in Qatar, she has been Head of School in a Kindergarten.

Andurette is looking forward to her role as head of Early Years at Tenby Ipoh. Her favourite quote is from Sir Ken Robinson “Every day, everywhere our children spread their dreams beneath our feet, and we should tread softly.”

She believes that young students learn best through doing; they learn holistically, and that play is the best way to offer young learners these hands-on experiences. She believes that through these hands-on experiences, children become independent, confident and competent individuals.

Tenby Ipoh Head of Tenby International School, Primary
Samantha Leuty
Head of Tenby International School, Primary

Samantha has been a primary teacher for 12 years, starting her career in Scotland before working in international schools in Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi and now Malaysia. She graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology, before completing her PGDE at Moray House School of Education in Edinburgh University.

Samantha joined Tenby Schools Ipoh in 2014 as an Early Years Leader (Meru) and, in 2016, became the Deputy Head of Primary for Tenby International School before moving to her current role in August 2019.

Tenby Ipoh Head of Tenby International School, Secondary
Becky Gray
Head of Tenby International School, Secondary

Becky completed a degree in Adventure Recreation before pursuing a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Geography at Liverpool Hope University and an MA in Geography Education at the Institute of Education, University College London. Since then, she has taught in The Bahamas, Tanzania and Oman, as well as in London and Leicester in the UK, leading the Humanities faculty and Sixth Form in various roles since 2012. Becky is a Chartered Geography Teacher through the Royal Geographical Society and she is continuing her learning journey by studying part-time at the University of Nottingham Malaysia for an MA in Educational Leadership and Management.

Becky believes strongly in holistic education and is excited by the many opportunities presented by ISP for students to develop their leadership, character and international mindedness, as well as their academic strengths, in order to find their passions in life.

Becky joined Tenby School Ipoh in 2019 as the Head of Sixth Form, moving to her current role as Head of International Secondary in August 2020.

Tenby Ipoh Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby Primary
Maizura Jaafar
Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby Primary

Maizura joined Tenby in October 2005 as a Bahasa Melayu teacher. She was teaching in the National School for 5 years and then joined the International Primary School as a class teacher and Year Leader. She took up the role of Deputy Head of International Primary in 2019 before moving to the current role.

She has a degree in Mass Communication from Universiti Sains Malaysia and completed her PGCEi from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Maizura believes that each child should be given equal opportunity and must have a stimulating environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Children can and will meet their potential where the school provides a safe environment where children are motivated to share their ideas and learn best with each other.

Tenby Ipoh Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby Secondary
Mohandas Naidu
Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby Secondary

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to send in a letter of application together with a comprehensive CV including personal details, qualifications, work experience and contact details of three referees to hr.ipoh@tenby.edu.my.

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