What Makes A School Amazing?

As parents, you naturally want to make sure you choose the right school for your children. After all, it’s a big decision that will have a major effect on their growth and development in the years and decades to come. But in doing so, what are the things that you should consider?

Is it technology, such as having advanced AV equipment in the classroom, or requiring students to use tablets and laptops? Is it a school’s wide open spaces, greenery and facilities that make the difference? Or is it the curriculum and syllabus a school offers that matters above all else?

All these are indeed very important, but at Tenby Schools we take a higher view. Here, we believe that while the ‘hardware’ of a school – the quality of technology, campus, and curriculum – make it impressive, what makes a school truly amazing are its people. After all, education is about learning, and it is the dedication and methods employed by staff and teachers that create an environment where students are inspired to give their best efforts, and learn to their fullest potential.

This simple yet effective belief has guided us throughout our rich history in Malaysia. And now, as part of a global network of best-in-class international schools, it is one that we are taking to the next level.

A Heritage of Quality British Education

Tenby Schools was established in 1960 in Ipoh by Mrs. Dorothy Nelson-Doig, who hailed from the town of Tenby in Wales. Her aim was to provide quality primary education, based on the British system, to the children of the British expatriate community in Perak.

Today, Tenby Schools is proud to operate seven campuses across Penang, Perak, Selangor, Johor and Sarawak, serving families from over 50 countries and offering both the British Curriculum and the Malaysian National Curriculum through our twin schools of Tenby International School and Sekolah Sri Tenby. We pride ourselves on being an internationally-minded school with a local heart, and our focus is on quality teaching that maximises learning outcomes amongst all students.

What our longstanding experience has taught us is that learning is optimised when personalised to each student’s needs. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t ideal, and students make the most progress when they are challenged in areas where they can benefit most from a breakthrough. Through the years, we’ve seen that no matter where a student comes from or what their first language is, they can excel beyond themselves when taught in the right way.

Amazing Learning with ISP

In 2018, Tenby Schools became part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a dynamic network of 40 renowned schools located across 9 countries that shares our educational philosophies and priorities.

At the core of ISP’s approach is Amazing Learning. This is the idea that learners can surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers, too – because they have gotten better to a level beyond that which they thought was possible. In doing so, they develop tremendous self-confidence which then enables them to reach for even greater achievements through the course of their lifetime.

Of course, this sense of achievement and confidence comes with a price. We call it ‘good struggle’, but it’s a principle of life we all understand. Nothing worthwhile comes without great effort, which sometimes can be difficult and bring us close to the point of giving up. However, it is these same crisis points that present the greatest opportunities for students to break through to the next level of growth.

Tenby Schools teachers strive to present students with such opportunities in the classroom or through co-curricular activities, so that they have exposure to repeated experiences that hardwire getting better through good struggle. In addition, by tapping into ISP’s evidence-based brain research and global educational experience, applied in a personalised way, our teachers are even better able to unlock our students’ truest potentials.

Across our network of schools, whether through the International or Private National syllabus, this approach is the same, and one we execute through teaching, our facilities, community activities and much more.

Choosing the Right School

As you can see, when you are considering a school for your children, what is best goes far beyond the hardware alone. Ultimately, for you as a parent, it’s about your child having the belief they can be whatever they want to be in life, as long as they are ready to commit and work hard for it.

An education at Tenby Schools does just this, and it all starts with your child being able to say: “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!” For you, that’s what will make Tenby Schools truly amazing.

To find out more about International Schools Partnership (ISP) and to secure your child’s place with the Tenby Schools family, please visit: tenby.edu.my

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