Delivering Amazing Learning through the International and Malaysian National Curriculum, from Early Years to Sixth Form (ages 3-18)


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Early Years
By combining firm academic foundation and the opportunity to learn through play, the Early Years is about inspiring a natural curiosity in students that will guide them through their schooling years.
It’s time to broaden learning in the Primary years, as students study specific subjects while also participating in the broader school community through co-curricular activities.
Across our International and Malaysian National schools, Secondary students are encouraged to mature into responsible young adults through increased academic rigour and opportunities for leadership on campus.
Sixth Form
We are proud of the outstanding success of our Sixth Formers, who benefit from a focused and independent learning environment with small class sizes, enabling easy access to teachers and guidance counsellors.

Experience Tenby Schools
Setia Eco Park

Voices of Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park

My children have been studying at this school for four years. My children enjoy going to Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park. When they first went to school, I only expect them to study English, but they also had opportunities to study Malay Language and Mandarin. Teachers encourages my children all the time and gives them the support they need. Even during lockdown, the school provide the best online learning experience for my children. The school responded rapidly and the teachers were very well prepared.

Ms. Lee Munhee
Three Children in Tenby International School

Tenby Schools SEP has been an amazing experience, not just for our two sons, but also for us as parents. Our boys are always motivated by their teachers to grow to their full potential, developing social skills, self-confidence & independence. We truly appreciate how the teachers impart good moral values and cultivate a growth mindset which is perfectly aligned to our parenting philosophy. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the Tenby community ♥️

Cheng & Diane Lee,
Parents at Sekolah Sri Tenby

I love Tenby Schools SEP as the people that encompass the school are an accepting community whom pay no regard to the skin colour, race or gender of an individual. The plethora of colours oozing out of the walls scream pure ambition as I see myself far in the future surrounded by those that I hold dear who are all succeeding together. Tenby Schools SEP is preparing me for the future, for my future, and I love Tenby for that.

Crystal Liew
Student at Sekolah Sri Tenby

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Meet Our Alumni

Form 5M, Class of 2013
Lim Pei Ling

At Sekolah Sri Tenby, the most impactful thing I learnt was not to be afraid to try new things. My teachers were very encouraging and helped me overcome my weaknesses and enhance my strengths.

Drake University -
Actuarial Science
Form 5M, Class of 2015
Alice Voong Shew Yin

I am so grateful for the time I spent in Sekolah Sri Tenby. Instead of following the mainstream blindly, the teachers encouraged me to explore my own possibilities and trust my own instincts. Thanks to that, I am currently pursuing my dream to explore the business world.

Sunway University -
BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Scholarship: Sunway Special Scholarship & Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship
Sixth Form Class of 2018
Alyssa Jinks

Studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths is everything I had hoped for, and more. It’s a tough and extremely hectic course but I’m learning new things every day. Studying my choice of A Level subjects definitely helped lead me on the right path.

Goldsmiths College University of London –
Popular Music
Sixth Form Class of 2018
Lydia Heng

I hadn't anticipated the large volume of independent research, formation and structure of essays, citation styles and review articles required in university...A Levels has prepared me well for these challenges!

Deakin University –
Sports Science
Sixth Form Class of 2018
Andrew Wong

A Levels gave me the basic but crucial knowledge in Science, which laid the groundwork for my university studies.

Technical University Eindhoven Automotive -
(Electrical) Engineering
Sixth Form, Class of 2017
Aleena Jeremiah

A Levels has helped me develop strong analytical skills. This has definitely come in handy while studying university-level Law.

The University of Liverpool -
Sixth Form, Class of 2017
Andrea Hare

Taking A Levels has given me the freedom and flexibility to explore my interests. I had the time to try my hand with some topics that interested me. Eventually, this led me to apply for a course in Fine Art.

Monash University –
Fine Art
Sixth Form, Class of 2017
Timothy Lo

The time I spent studying A Levels at Tenby has helped me shift the way I design solutions to problems.

Coventry University –
Automotive Engineering

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