How we learn

Every day is a celebration of learning and going beyond expectations. Our learning spaces? Alive with discovery. Our clubs and activities? Gateways to new life skills. And our exclusive international programmes? They open worlds. Here, curiosity sparks, confidence builds, and every achievement, big or small, is celebrated.

At the heart of our shared ethos with ISP, learning comes first. Learning.First™ drives everything we do. Our focus is on the student’s learning journey. We place learners front and centre, evidencing their progress to inform every aspect of their educational experience.

Personalised learning at Tenby Schools means we recognise each child’s individuality, passions and potential—and we’re dedicated to nurturing them with confidence. This personalised journey empowers your child to carve their own path, equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to thrive in an ever-changing world.

By putting learners first and asking – ‘are students busy, or are they busy learning?’ we’re growing confidence among our teachers, schools, students and families.

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