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Early Years
Lessons are structured to ensure the enjoyment of learning through exploration and discovery. Our goal is to nurture creative, happy, confident, and independent lifelong learners.
Teachers balance academic teaching with developing life skills by encouraging each student to engage, question and take ownership of their own learning process. This inquiry-based approach helps students gain the qualities crucial for continued success later in life.
As students grow older, they naturally feel the need to question everything. As such, we create a stimulating learning environment where they can discover meaningful relevance between academic material and the larger world.

Experience Tenby International School
Tropicana Aman

Voices of Tenby International School Tropicana Aman

Having been in Malaysia for the last 16 months, transferring from another International School, we are confident that we made the right choice in Tenby Tropicana Aman. Our experience with both online and face to face lessons has been nothing short of phenomenal by comparison to the previous school. Tenby Tropicana Aman has exceeded our expectations and over delivered on all that they had promised, from the evaluation process to actual learning experience. We commend Principal Jane and her team for running a well oiled machine. We are proud to be part of the Tenby alumni.

Moodley Family
Parents of Tenby Tropicana Aman

I believe that I have made a right choice for my children with the school’s Learning Focus Philosophy & Student centered monitoring mechanism. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your children flourishing into a confident & enthusiastic individual.

Ms. Loo
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

The dedicated and hardworking staff, personal attention to all the students, openness to parents and great focus on education are some of the great things we feel worth to share with others. I’m glad that my children enjoy going to school. We love hearing their stories after a long day. “Knowledge is power” and we highly appreciate all the teachers and the management for all the power, inspiration, dedications, and encouragement. We wish a great success ahead for the school.

Mr. Hardip
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

A perfect balance of an extension of their school day and playtime with their peers. The small classrooms and warm, supportive environment has been great for my children. The teachers are very attentive to their needs, always encouraging them and equipping them to do their very best. I know my children loves attending the school each day.

Ms. Samantha
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

Education should be more than books, classes and homework. It’s about learning & growing and most important; to be happy. Never knew she would love school. Kudos to the school.

Mr. Lum
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

TTA is a great school, my son thrives in this atmosphere. We could not have chosen a better place to nurture the development, creativity, and well-being of our son. The current situation is a challenge, and as a working parent I must say it is not easy but the teachers have been very supportive during this pandemic. Kudos to the teachers for their never ending efforts. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Ali Razzak
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

My son was diagnosed with ADHD. In both preschool and a primary school, he fell behind as the teaching methods did not accommodate his needs. Having consulted with the marketing department from Tenby International School, I was convinced that the different format offered would be more aligned with the requirements of such students. The results speak for themselves as our son has since caught up on material and the learning comes easier to him. In particular the online classes have been beneficial, considering that we are both working parents. Should any assignment not be finished on time, the teachers will call to assist, thus ensuring that the curriculum is fully understood and completed.

Ms. Rosalyn
Parent of Tenby Tropicana Aman

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