The A-Level at Tenby Schools Setia EcoHill (Tenby SEH), beginning in September 2022, consists of two years of study (Year 12 & Year 13) and is a springboard for students – whether originally from Tenby SEH or outside the Tenby Schools family – to embark on further studies in their field of choice at university level. With the internationally recognised A Level and AS Level programme from Cambridge International Examinations, we will be offering a robust and widely recognized A-Level curriculum. Students will have the option to select courses from a range of departments including English, Science, Maths, Languages and the Humanities. 

The success of our A-Level programme will rely on a superior learning environment that provides personal attention while encouraging independent, mature decision making. Teachers are on hand to guide and mentor them in their choices and their studies, but as is custom at SEH, the onus is placed on students themselves to take ownership of their development.

Independence is further supported through a dedicated A-Level Centre, which students can use at any time when they do not have a class scheduled.

Where They Are Now

From Tenby Schools to the world, there is no limit to where a quality education and an ambitious outlook can lead you. Below is a sample of the countries and cities that Tenby Schools alumni have studied in.

Subjects Offered




Chinese Language & Literature

English Literature





Computer Science


The International Project Qualification

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