A Typical Day at Tenby Schools

Tenby International School

We take a holistic and rigorous approach designed to inspire our students to be the best they can be. More than just imparting knowledge, we want to help our students develop into inquiring, responsible and independent young adults. We expect our students to give their best and we give them every opportunity to help them to achieve and even exceed it. The focus is on creating opportunities for those "lightbulb" Amazing Learning moments to occur.

Early Years
The best early childhood learning occurs when it is a social activity. Young children find it easier and more natural to develop new skills when interacting and having fun with their peers. As such, teachers carefully create a safe and caring environment where children are encouraged to play, explore and discover.
Teachers carefully prepare lesson plans and class strategies to tap into students’ natural enthusiasm for learning. With young learners, no two days are the same. Classes are a hive of activity, with discussions, research and activities ensuring that children remain engaged and interested in learning and growing.
Each day in school opens up windows and pathways to gain new knowledge, new skills and new interests. Teachers take a student-centred approach that purposefully presents opportunities to draw out critical and creative thinking. Teachers also focus on mentoring students to help them foster personal effectiveness, positive relationships and global-mindedness.
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