Making A Difference

Education is about developing the ‘whole child’, and this means instilling a positive sense of self through good values, respect for others, compassion, responsibility and integrity. 

We firmly believe in inculcating selflessness and forging a sense of community at a very young age to help our students develop into compassionate human beings. We make a concerted effort to support many charities and causes and, best of all, our students are given the opportunity to lead them. This does wonders for their belief that they can make a difference to society.  

Here are some of the charities and causes our students have passionately supported:

Charity Initiative in Cambodia

17 of our students visited Phnom Penh, Cambodia in July 2018 to take part in community service and charitable activities to help the less fortunate. The trip was an eye-opener for those involved and helped to enforce the importance of service in being a well-rounded human being.

Christmas Gift drive

Christmas is about giving and In conjunction with this festive season, the Tenby family organised a Christmas drive to celebrate this season with those who is less fortunate. This year 2021, we visited Desa Amal Jireh, Cornerstone Orphanage Home and Shepherd’s Centre Foundation.

Flood Relief Initiative

Following the devastating floods in Selangor this past year, a number of schools were impacted in the local area. Therefore the Tenby family organised a school stationary donation campaign and delivered the supplies to a school in Hulu Langat, which is still recovering from the floods.
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