Microsoft Showcase School

Tenby International School Setia EcoHill is now officially a Microsoft Showcase School. Microsoft has recognised Tenby International School Setia EcoHill as a Showcase School, an elite group of schools that exemplify the best of teaching and learning in the world today. Only a few schools or institutions earn this designation, and as one school community we can take pride in knowing that Microsoft recognises our impact on the future of education. 

Microsoft Showcase Schools are pioneers in education. We are part of an exclusive global community, recognised and celebrated for educational transformation that includes vision and innovation in teaching, learning, and preparing students for the future.

At the foundation of a Microsoft Showcase School is the schoolwide embrace of digital transformation. We as part of the innovative and diverse schools improve student outcomes and reimagine the student learning experience through the adoption of the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework and supporting solutions. Leaders and educators in Showcase Schools thoughtfully consider the role of technology as we explore new ways to reinvent teaching and learning, design learning spaces, and develop students’ computational thinking skills as we think critically and work collaboratively and creatively to solve real-world problems.

Our school community is determined to amplify students’ success and share best practices both locally and globally. We are proud to join the elite global group of Microsoft Showcase Schools while continuing to lay the foundation for education best practice which can inform schools around the world. And it is being embraced by every one of us at Tenby International School Setia EcoHill!

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