Microsoft Showcase Incubator School

We are thrilled to announce Tenby International School Setia EcoHill is now a Microsoft Showcase Incubator School! This transformational programme aligns seamlessly with our Tenby Setia EcoHill EdTech SPIRIT. At Tenby Setia EcoHill, we have always placed a tremendous emphasis on EdTech and how it can positively impact teaching and learning, especially witnessing the facilitation of educational technology in enhancing our ‘Amazing Learning’ provision. 

We are exhilarated to work with Microsoft on our education transformation journey. The Incubator path of the Microsoft Showcase School Programme partners with like-minded leaders from around the world across a multi-year engagement to design, develop, and deliver positive impact in teaching and learning and students’ future readiness. The program aims to bring leadership, learning, technology, and infrastructure together; building safe, secure, optimised, and efficient schools; providing personal, predictive learning that inspires and empowers students. 

By becoming a Microsoft Showcase Incubator School, our students are able to experience these benefits:

  • Share insights, best practices, and engage in local or global Microsoft events.
  • Enjoy Microsoft partner offers and product support, digital transformation guidance and access to resources and latest research
  • Help shape the future of Microsoft education products and programs, contribute to the vision of schools and students around the world, and elevate our school’s visibility and role as a leader.

By recognising as the Microsoft Incubator School, we are honoured to join a global and nationwide community of Microsoft Showcase School which share the common vision and mission in reaching sustainable transformation. We are committed to transform, foster the culture of learning and growth, personalise learning and inclusion, develop students’ future ready skills, facilitate data driven decisions and Microsoft solutions impact.

We are on a growth path to join the elite global group of Microsoft Showcase Schools while laying the foundation for education best practice which can inform schools around the world. And it starts with every one of us at Tenby International School Setia EcoHill!

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