Academic Success

Students study the National Curriculum for England adapted for international students. This international study programme eventually leads to the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Year 11 and A Level examinations in Year 12 and 13. 

Our outcome-focused approach includes a rigorous assessment that closely monitors each student with the aim of ensuring they consistently get better. This system of encouragement and accountability contributes tremendously to students’ academic success, as seen by our stellar performance in 2018. Congratulations to all our achievers!


Checkpoints (Year 6) - averages of 4.9 for English, 5.0 for Maths, and 5.1 for Science with the highest score being 6 Phonics Screening Check (Year 1) – 85% versus 81% UK average NGRT Reading Scores (All) – average of 80% achieved at or above expected levels Early Learning Goals (Early Years) - 93% achieved expected levels based on the UK Foundation Stage Curriculum for PSED and Maths

A Levels

100% pass rate 100% first choice University destinations 81% of all grades from A* to C


95% of all grades between A* to C 83% of all grades from A* to B 65% of grades were from A* to A 100% pass rate

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