Amazing Learning at Tenby International School Tropicana Aman

What is Amazing Learning? Have you had an “Oh no!” moment that turned into an “Oh wow!” moment?

At Tenby International School Tropicana Aman and as a community, we believe that each learning journey is unique and it is about getting better.

We encourage our students to think the problem through, ask questions, and find the best solutions. They are resilient and persistent. They don’t give up and they “wow” themselves because they have done better than they thought they could!

Experience learning that is truly Amazing!
Turn those "Oh no" moments into "Oh wow" moments today!

At Tenby International School Tropicana Aman, we believe that a “good struggle” is necessary to experience breakthroughs. A good struggle is challenging yet empowering. It is when students persevere and have a sense of success towards achieving goals and outcomes. At the end of the day, we want our students to say ‘I didn’t realise I could do that but I found a way!’ We nurture our students not just academically but holistically too by developing the life skills they need to thrive regardless of what the future may be!

Meet Alex
"Amazing Learning is when we amaze or wow ourselves beyond our own expectation." - Alex, Year 11 Student
Meet Ms. Cheryl
"Amazing Learning is when we surprise ourselves by doing something that seems impossible." - Ms. Cheryl, Year 2 Teacher
Meet Mr. Arif
"Amazing Learning is about achieving the result beyond what they think they are capable of." - Mr. Arif, Parent
Meet Cordelia & Tabitha
"Amazing Learning is surprising myself with something that I think I cannot accomplish." - Cordelia, Year 8 Student
Meet Mr. Michael
"Amazing Learning is that breakthrough, that WOW moment, the realisation that we don't need to stay where we are, that we can move forward." - Mr. Michael, The Learning Centre Secondary Teacher
Meet Ms. Pamela
"Amazing Learning happens when we create an environment that allows our children to grow beyond their expectation." - Ms. Pamela, Parent
Meet Shaayanaa
"The keywords for Amazing Learning are: Wow, Astonished, Incredible!" - Shaayanaa, Year 3 Student

Amazing Learning Highlights

Bringing Amazing Learning moments to life!

In everything we do, we aim to bring to life moments of Amazing Learning. Amazing Learning is all about going beyond the level a student thinks possible, and it happens when children are provided with opportunities for a “good struggle”. A good struggle occurs when students are exposed to repeated experiences which develop perseverance and encourages independent learning. We believe that with struggle comes the opportunity to experience breakthroughs. Ultimately, we want children to surprise themselves (and their teachers and parents), so that they can say, “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!”

Surprise visit from Mr. Tortoise!

Our Year 2 students were surprised with a visit from Mr. Tortoise! All students had the opportunity to say hello to Mr. Tortoise who happily crawled around the playground. Mr. Tortoise’s visit encouraged the enquiry skills of our students as they asked the owner questions to learn more about Mr. Tortoise.

First Virtual ISP South East Asia (SEA) Steam Fair

We participated in the First Virtual ISP South East Asia (SEA) Steam Fair with one primary and two secondary teams. The central theme for this year’s STEAM Fair was “Sustainability; it’s a lifestyle”. A total of 66 teams across ISP SEA schools from both international and national streams participated. Students were required to create an innovative product to solve a real-life problem related to sustainability through using the engineering design processes.

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