Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) & Trips

At Tenby International School Tropicana Aman, we consider after school activities to be an integral part of all our students’ learning and fully expect that our students involve themselves in these as part of their educational experience. This is because it develops the whole person, giving students the opportunity to experience activities which may become a life-long interest while enhancing a sense of accomplishment built by overcoming challenges in a fun, participation-based setting.

Some after school CCAs and trips are included as part of your child’s school fees, and some incur an additional cost. For more information, please speak to us or you may e-mail:

Music Clubs

Music & Art positively impacts the way our students learn and perform in classrooms. For that reason, we offer a range of specialist clubs where students can focus on a particular group of instruments or genre of music.

  • Musical Theatre
  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Beatz Circles Programme
  • Creative Crafting
  • Fun with Clay
  • Art & Craft
  • Typo Font Club
  • Cartoon Drawing Club

Sports Clubs

Sports fuels passion. Passion fuels everything else. Sports unifies our school community and fosters a healthy sense of competition and camaraderie while giving students a sense of pride in every sport they participate in.

Avenues for sporting endeavour include:

  • Co-Curricular Sports Activities: a wide range of co-curricular activities including popular sports such as swimming, basketball, badminton, dodgeball, gymnastics and football.

School Trips

Our students look forward to trips as part of our endeavour to give them a truly diverse experience. Recent destinations include:

  • Trip to Selangor Fruits Valley (Nursery & Reception)
  • Trip to the National Museum (Year 1 & 2)
  • Trip to Petrosains Discovery Centre (Year 5)
  • A day out to Sunway Pyramid (Year 6)
  • Treasure Hunt @ Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (Year 7 & 8)
  • Trip to Sunway Wildlife Zoo
  • Trip to KL Tower Upside Down House
  • Trip to Earthtopica, Teddy Town & Soapz Factory
  • Watching “The Bear” production at PJ Live Arts Theatre
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