Learning Support

Our students come to us from many different backgrounds, and with many different needs too. As a school of choice, we strive to assist all students and equip them with the tools necessary to make the most of their learning opportunities.

The Learning Centre (TLC) is our very own dedicated student support hub on campus. The centre is staffed by specialist teachers with extensive experience in delivering to specific education needs, and provides our teachers the necessary teaching aides and technology to make a difference for their students. 

These are some of the ways in which we can offer additional support to students:

Additional English Fastrack Classes

If your child is not fluent in English, he or she may be required to take additional English language lessons to ensure they are able to maintain a year group standard and make the most of the learning opportunities offered in school. Students will learn English across all subject areas, not just English.

The Learning Centre (TLC) provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes, catering to a comprehensive range of support levels according to the student’s base language level. In general, we are able to provide support to the following students according to age group:

Year 1 – 4 / Standard 1 – 2
Students with very little English

Year 5 – 8 / Standard 3 – 6
Students with basic oral language skills, but who need assistance with reading and writing

Years 9 – 11 / Form 1 – 5
Students who need minimal language support targeting content vocabulary and refinement of written fluency and grammar

Sixth Form
All students are expected to be fluent in English

EAL Teachers may choose to pull out students from certain classes to work in small groups to improve their English skills. Many students also receive a personalised timetable to suit their needs, and may even receive in-class support from an EAL teacher where it is deemed necessary to be successful in the classroom environment.

Furthermore, we also have a list of external language education providers who can supplement the schools’ teaching if and when required. These external providers are often used only in the special case of students who need to close a large gap in language learning within a short time.

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