Welcome to Tenby Schools Ipoh

We are delighted to welcome you and your family to Tenby Schools Ipoh. Kindly find below the link to the guides to help make your child(ren)’s learning journey at Tenby an Amazing one. 

  1. Important apps to download
  2. Nature World Order Guide (Uniform)
  3. Vircle parent Guide
  4. UBSM estore Guide
  5. Parent’s Tag application form
  6. Car Sticker application form


School Calendar & School Hours

  1. Tenby International School Calendar (2023/2024)
  2. Sekolah Sri Tenby Calendar (2023/2024)
  3. School Hours (September 2023)


For Drop off and pick up points, please refer to the image below.

Block A: Toddlers, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Block B: Year 3 to 4, Standard 1 to 6

Block D: Year 7 to 11

Block E: Year 5 to 6, Year 12 to 13, Form 1 – 5


Please do not hesitate to contact us on 05-5252 628 or email us at admissions.ipoh@tenby.edu.my should you require further clarification.

See you soon!

Important Contacts

Tenby International School – Primary

Head of Early Years – Ms. Andurette Van Der Merwe
Email: andurette.merwe@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 219

Head of International Primary – Ms. Samantha Leuty
Email: samantha.leuty@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 217

School Secretary – Ms. Shona Chin
Email: shona.chin@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 218

Tenby International School – Secondary

Head of International Secondary – Ms. Becky Gray
Email: becky.gray@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 528

Head of Sixth Form – Ms. Louisa Bailey
Email: louisa.bailey@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 519

School Secretary – Ms. Sangeetha Gandhi
Email: sangeetha.gandhi@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 525

Sekolah Sri Tenby

Head of Primary – Pn. Maizura bt. Jaafar
Email: maizura@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 322

Head of Secondary – Mr. Mohandas Naidu Perumal
Email: mohandas@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 522

School Secretary – Ms. Khoo Shin Wei
Email: shinwei.khoo@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 520

Safeguarding & Counselling

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Ms. Selvamary
Email: selvamary@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 123

School Counsellor – Ms. Lee Chia Chee
Email: chiachee.lee@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 123

School Counsellor – Ms. Eka Natasha
Email: eka.natasha@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 123

Non-Academic Staff

School Nurse – Ms. Ng Phui Han
Email: phuihan.ng@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 115

Head of Parents Service – Ms. Elly Kong
Email: elly.kong@tenby.edu.my
Extension: 127

IT Team
Email: iphhelpdesk@ispschools.com

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