Student Leadership

It is important for a child’s holistic development to experience leadership opportunities during their formative years in school.

Developing leadership traits at a young age is crucial. As such, we put a great deal of emphasis on helping our students communicate effectively and develop skills that help them grow into team players and leaders that can rise to the occasion.

Our students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and demonstrate their abilities to make an impact on the wider school community in positions such as:

  • Head of Student Council (and Student Council members)
  • House Captains

The following are key events and initiatives that we have organised, and participated in, under the guidance of our student leaders.

Under the guidance of these student leaders, we are proud to have organised and participated in some extremely exciting and meaningful events including:

StuCo (Student Council)

Our whole school Student Council gives aspiring leaders the opportunity to lead and manage events in and out of school. The StuCo leads events to raise money for local charities which include an annual Movember campaign, Colour Runs and games afternoons. Our StuCo members also work alongside school leadership to raise the voices of our students and is open to both Primary and Secondary students. Our students are encouraged to get involved and develop their leadership, communication and organisational skills. 

House Captains and House Squads

Secondary House Captains and Vice Captains work alongside their House Squads to lead and manage ‘house events’ across the school. Some examples of activities are: Interhouse Netball and Badminton competitions, Send My Friend to School initiatives and the running of ‘House Assemblies’. House Squads are made up of aspiring leaders who are given opportunities to manage smaller projects collaboratively. The programme is designed to give every student an opportunity to learn how to lead, with the hope that they will aspire to become a House Captain in future.

Student Leadership Camp

Secondary students organised and led a supervised, overnight camping expedition. Our young leaders designed numerous games and activities to encourage teamwork, leadership and to promote confidence when leading others.

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