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With Primary school over and the UPSR examinations complete, its time to make the transition to Secondary education. At this stage, many students tend to experience excitement and nerves in equal measure. Students at Sekolah Sri Tenby Setia Eco Gardens (Johor), however, move to the Secondary level with enthusiasm and real belief in their ability to thrive during Forms 1 to 5.

Our Amazing Learning philosophy prepares students to make the most of this crucial phase. With the best of two worlds – the Malaysian National Curriculum taught with a global perspective and outlook – students emerge as multi-lingual, globally adaptable and independently-minded – fully prepared for life’s adventures that lie in wait.

At the same time, academic achievement lies at the centre of focus during the Secondary years. With two important examinations – the PT3 in Form 3 and SPM in Form 5 – students are amply prepared to utilise this gateway to the fullest, opening the door to studies at prestigious universities around the world.

Curriculum & Areas of Learning

Secondary students at Sekolah Sri Tenby Setia Eco Gardens (Johor) follow the Malaysian National Secondary School Standard Curriculum, or Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM), which covers Forms 1 to 5 (ages 13 to 17). Under the curriculum, students are offered the following subjects:

  • Additional Mathematics (Dual Language)
  • Arts
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Civic Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Islamic Studies
  • Mandarin
  • Mathematics (Dual Language)
  • Pendidikan Moral
  • Physical Education
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics - Dual Language)

This wide range of subjects is complemented by our status as a certified Dual Language Program school, meaning that we are one of a select group of National-type schools in Malaysia to offer Mathematics and Science subjects in both Bahasa Melayu and English. In addition, students also have the option to pursue Chinese Language lessons and take the relevant examination in PT3 and SPM. We even offer proficient Chinese language students the chance to sit for the internationally recognised Chinese Proficiency Tests, conducted by the Confucius Institute (Hanban).

Ultimately, all Secondary students work towards two crucial standard national public examinations:

• Form Three Assessment (Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga or PT3) in Form 3
• Malaysian Certificate of Education (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or SPM) in Form 5

Secondary students also have the option of sitting for the IGCSE examinations through an arrangement with Tenby International School, Setia Eco Gardens.

For a full list of subjects and details of learning at the Secondary level, please download the Sekolah Sri Tenby prospectus.

Areas of Development

A learning experience must go beyond books and the four walls of a classroom. At Sekolah Sri Tenby Setia Eco Gardens (Johor), providing students with a well-rounded, holistic education is crucial to our Amazing Learning ethos, and we are proud that this is one of the biggest reasons parents consider us the national-type school of choice for their children.

In order to develop the crucial softer attributes that students need to stand out from the crowd, we created the ‘Tenby Learner Profile’. It consists of the following 10 attributes that we feel our learners develop over their time at Sekolah Sri Tenby Setia Eco Gardens (Johor), and provides an all-round profile that allows them to be successful in whatever they choose to do in life. Developing these traits early in Secondary education is key to set the foundation for further development in later years.

A Tenby Learner is…

  • Responsible

  • An Effective Communicator

  • Resilient

  • Compassionate

  • Interdependent

  • Confident

  • Resourceful

  • Internationally Minded

  • Reflective

  • Inquisitive

Above all, our aim is to develop holistic learners who get better - academically, socially, emotionally and more - through good struggle inside and outside the classroom, and become independent, self-motivated individuals ready for the next step in their educational journey.

Outside The Classroom

While we never relent in constantly giving students top quality education and knowledge, we also add spark to their learning adventure by exposing them to a variety of experiences and opportunities across the campus community.

Some unique learning avenues your child will enjoy include:

• Personal development events and camps (e.g. public speaking, social & emotional learning talks)

• National and local competitions in sports and much more (recent competitions have been in coding, robotics, Lego and engineering)

• Environmental awareness activities (e.g. eco fairs, Earth Day, recycling activities)

• Participation in a diverse set of co-curricular activities which nurture passions and develop interpersonal skills

To add to this, Secondary students are expected to take a more active role in student leadership during these crucial years of development, whether by assuming formal positions of responsibility such as being a prefect or member of the Student Council, or by assisting teachers and staff in organising school events and activities.

All in all, these opportunities for growth and development outside the classroom combine to create a well-rounded yet grounded individual who can easily adapt to different environments, situations and challenges.

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