A Typical Day at Tenby Schools

Tenby International School

Our pedagogy is designed to enable our children to be active, independent learners who are aware that they are the primary stakeholder in their own journey of learning new knowledge and skills. We expect excellence and strive to empower our students to attain it. Our purpose is for students to experience those "Aha!" moments that define Amazing Learning – where students surprise even themselves at how they have grown.

Early Years
There’s rarely a dull moment in this learning environment. Classes radiate with positive energy, as students come in fully expecting to enjoy a day of discovery. Learning becomes fun with our emphasis on a hands-on approach, and teachers strive to create a safe and caring environment where students feel free to explore through play.
Lessons are carefully planned to provide maximal learning, where teachers strive to ensure that every resource produced is suitable for the different abilities and needs of each student. Teachers are also well-trained to handle a dynamic environment presented by a classroom full of engaged and enthusiastic learners. As such, lessons are typically busy as we encourage students to interact, question and take ownership of their own learning process.
Secondary (TIS & SST)
Lessons focus on helping students connect the topics they study in class to the world at large. We further support their growth and achievement by challenging them to take responsibility for their own learning and growth. A rigorous assessment system is in place where each child’s learning progress is monitored and strategies are adjusted to ensure he or she continues to improve. Ultimately, it’s about empowering the student to be an independent decision maker, ready for their next stage in life.
Sekolah Sri Tenby

We aim to foster international-mindedness in our students. From day one, students are exposed to a multicultural and multilingual environment because of our diverse student population on campus. In the classroom, English and Bahasa Melayu are the main languages of instruction and students are strongly encouraged to take up a third language.

Our classroom sessions take a student-centered approach which aims to help students develop the skills that would enable them to thrive in the 21st century. Teachers actively engage with students in a lively class environment that encourages open enquiry and finding the connection between academic topics and their real life relevance.
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