Paving the Way for Innovative 21st Century Education with Global Perspectives

There is an increasing need for a global mindset, and education is one of the most effective tools to foster such growth. As a result of globalisation, education has become increasingly international. The onset of mass schooling has created a more inclusive environment for students coming from different international backgrounds.

Having a global perspective on education is an edge for the National Curriculum. Our school puts a premium on the perspectives of global education, which we believe branches out even outside the four corners of the classroom. When executed properly, this can result in positive outcomes for nationwide education and for the community.

We are preparing students to be equipped for an increasingly globalised world at a young age. They are welcome in an environment that is a simulation of a global world, with a healthy mix of local and international students. We also have a sister school in the same campus, also housing students from both local and international regions. This way, our students can interact with each other, understand culture and gain new, diverse perspectives. Beginning from a community that is built on respecting each other’s culture, trust and empathy through daily social interaction, we believe that this will give them a broader global mindset which will equip them for the changing world ahead.

The school is a fertile training ground for young minds. As such, we’re taking proactive steps to give our students a wider view of the world by creating linked communities with other schools around the globe. We’re fostering the growth and education of global citizens, citizens who will make the best use of their global perspective to effect positive changes.

As a private school, we’re geared towards emulating the core emphases of global perspectives:

  • Interdependence and globalisation
  • Identity and cultural diversity
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Peace-building and conflict resolution
  • Sustainable futures

With the fast-paced advancements in technology, we’re also taking steps to innovate on different strategies to come up with learning opportunities suited for a global audience. Our students have numerous opportunities to explore different cultures and history with the help of our teachers, who introduce carefully curated educational content with a global perspective.

We’ve extended our efforts to globalise our classrooms by training our students to speak at least three languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin. We believe that being multilingual can help our students see the world in different ways. This helps mould them to be more open-minded individuals who are ready to welcome new ideas and experiences. This also helps them become better and more effective communicators, giving them increased career opportunities in numerous industries worldwide.

We further encourage the growth of a global perspective in our school by integrating concepts such as international mindedness, sustainable development, environmental care, STEAM, and 21st-century skills to better equip our learners for the demands of the ever changing world.

The Malaysian National Education Blueprint puts a premium on preparing students for the needs of the 21st century. This means equipping our students with the right tools so that they are best prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century head-on. 

“In Malaysia, the Ministry has defined a set of skills and competencies that are aligned with the National Education Philosophy and will give Malaysian students an internationally competitive edge. To this end, the national curriculum aims to create Malaysian students that are balanced, resilient, inquisitive, principled, informed, caring, patriotic, as well as an effective thinker, communicator, and team player.”(Cited from Malaysia Educational Blueprint)

This entails fully literate and numerate children who are equipped with critical and creative thinking skills coupled with holistic growth.

We’re paving the way for global citizens who have skills in terms of leadership and teamwork. Aside from being proficient in multilingual, we’re also geared towards nurturing a strong sense of ethics and spirituality in our students to prepare them for life outside of the classroom. All of these principles – rounded off with a strong, unfaltering sense of national identity –  define a 21st-century learner.

To achieve a high level of growth in individuals who are capable of contributing to the greater good of our world, we need a high quality education imbued with a global perspective. In a nut shell, although Sekolah Sri Tenby is running a Malaysian National Curriculum, we embrace the global perspectives in our ways of life.

This blog piece was co-written Sekolah Sri Tenby’s Head of Schools.

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