Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park offers various Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs) that will enrich students learning. It is a key part of Tenby Schools experience for all age group from Early Years upward.

All CCAs are taught by experienced instructors who are an expert in their respective field. One of the CCA offered in Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park is the Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra, which is offered to at Primary and Secondary level.

The Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra is led by Malaysian violinist, Goh Tong Keat, who graduated with a Master of Art Degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He also holds a Bachelor of Music degree from UCSI University and a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College of London (LTCL).

We get up close with Goh Tong Keat on his involvement in orchestra and his experience instructing Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra.

How long have you been involved in an orchestra?

As a violinist, I have been playing with different amateur and professional orchestras most of my time. It is until three years ago, when I first established an ensemble for all my violin students, that I began to get involved in coaching and directing a group. 

What made you interested in orchestra?

Playing in an orchestra gives us the opportunity to make music with other people. It is a very rewarding experience, and something completely different from practicing a musical instrument on our own.

How long have you been a coach for Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra?

I joined Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra as a coach in May 2019.

What other areas can students learn when they join Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra?

They get to improve on ensemble skills and increase their musical awareness. These trainings will in turn benefit them in their own private music lessons.

What do you find unique about Tenby students throughout your time coaching them?

We have people of all personalities and backgrounds in the orchestra. What impressed me is that when the music starts, every one of them would be 100% focused to play to the best of their abilities.

How do you rate our students on their performance in Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra?

I have noticed tremendous improvement in them over the year. I am confident that the students can see the improvement in themselves too.

Do you have any message to students who would like to join Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra?

We have a very supportive environment here at Tenby Philharmonic Orchestra. We work hard, and we make great music. If you can play an orchestra instrument, I would very much like to have you in our community.

Find out more about our excessive CCAs here or get in touch with our Admissions Team here to find our more about our school.

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