Early Years Jungle School

We are very excited to be able to offer ‘Jungle School’ sessions for our EYFS children (nursery and reception). We are lucky enough to have wonderful school grounds, that we can use to provide Amazing Learning experiences outside of the EYFS Centre.

What is Jungle School?

Jungle School is based on the Forest School model, which is extremely popular in Europe and increasingly so in South East Asia. The Forest School approach to learning is very similar to our approach as EYFS teachers and educators. Jungle School gives children regular opportunities to achieve and to develop skills, confidence and self-esteem through hands-on opportunities in a natural area such as a forest, or in our case, a tropical garden! This fits in to our Amazing Learning ethos perfectly. Forest School has been proven to increase self-esteem, independence and engagement in learning. It covers all areas of a child’s development and the EYFS curriculum and builds a connection between children and the natural world.

How will Jungle School support and enhance my child’s learning and development?

Jungle school provides children with hands on learning, in our tropical garden. Through play, games, activities and challenges, they will use maths, language skills, personal and social skills, creativity, physical skills and lots of problem-solving skills. Children will build resilience through taking on challenges and being able to succeed. Children will learn about keeping themselves safe, taking care of each other and taking care of their school and nature.

What sort of things will my child do at Jungle School and how does this link to the EYFS curriculum?

Some examples of the many things we will be doing:

  • Story telling: Communication and language development, reading, mark making, writing.
  • Using tools to create and to shape materials: Expressive Art and Design, communication and language, mathematics, Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development. STEM skills.
  • Making dens: Communication and language, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development
  • Nature trails: Understanding the World, Communication and Language, Physical Development.

Who will be leading Jungle School?

Jungle School will be led by Ms Lorraine, Deputy Head for EYFS and KS1. In the UK, Ms Lorraine managed a Forest Kindergarten. She is trained and skilled in using the Forest School approach to deliver the Early Years Curriculum, where children make incredible progress, above and beyond ‘normal’ expectations.

What should my child wear?

  • Children need to wear long-sleeved tops and long trousers.
  • Children need to wear socks and shoes.
  • Mosquito patches and/or spray are recommended.
  • How will you keep my child safe at Jungle School?

    • Children will be wearing long clothing to protect them from the sun and from any biting insects.
    • Groups will be kept small, with high adult ratios of 1:4 for reception and 1:3 for nursery children.
    • Hand-washing will be available at all times.
    • All activities are fully risk-assessed.
    • Jungle School will take place first thing in the morning, when the weather is coolest.
    • Tarpaulins and the gazebo will be used to keep the children sheltered from the sun and on damp days.
    • A first-aider will always be with the children

    What about the weather?

    We will not take the children to Jungle School during:

    • High Winds (Above 38mph)
    • Thunderstorms
    • Heavy Rain

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