Tenby SEP Eco Committee Addresses Climate Change

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park is committed to address climate change, and as a school with a ‘Green Flag School’ status, it continues to educate the school community on why it’s important for us all. The schools even have a dedicated Eco Committee, who organised Eco Week on a yearly basis.

This year’s Eco Week were held from 24 – 29 October 2021, where several activities were lined up for students, parents, and staff. This year’s Eco Week were divided into several themes, which include Biodiversity & Nature, Climate Change, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Waste and Water.

Among the event hosted by the Eco Committee were Breaking Habits challenge, where the school community had to change their daily habits that could impact the environment especially climate change. The habits include small steps such as turning off the switch when not in use, choosing a plant base meal, reusing & recycling. Doing these challenges will make the community more familiar with small but significant actions that can be done to save our planet earth.

Another highlight of Eco Week is the Plastic Detective Project. This activity got the community to count the amount of plastic waste is disposed in their household in a week. They will then have to identify which plastics are recyclable and which are non-recyclable. From there, they can determine how they can reduce plastic waste and more environmentally friendly.

During the week, the Eco Committee invited Ms. Shayley Hing, a Zero Waste Advocate, to give a talk on ‘Living Zero Waste’ and ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’. The community learned new knowledge on how the community can contribute for sustainable living based on what was shared. This was truly beneficial for the whole school community.

The whole of Tenby community also got involved in various other activities such as Phostering Competition, Eco Week TikTok Challenge, Eco Games, Sustainable Cooking Challenge and Virtual Trips.

The Eco Committee is glad that the school community supported Eco Week 2021, especially as it’s conducted online due to school closure. Looking at the positive response, the committee knows that the whole school is on board the Eco Initiatives. They’re looking forward to a bigger Eco Week in 2022!

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