Academic Success

We are proud to offer the leading internationally renowned and recognised qualifications from the United Kingdom, the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A Level examinations, in Tenby International School. Meanwhile, our Sekolah Sri Tenby stream adheres to the Malaysian public examinations of SPM (Form 5).

Our outstanding examination results reflect our commitment to academic excellence across the whole school. A big congratulations to our SPM, IGCSE and A Level students!


Checkpoints (Year 6) - averages of 4.9 for English, 5.0 for Maths, and 5.1 for Science with the highest score being 6 Phonics Screening Check (Year 1) – 85% versus 81% UK average NGRT Reading Scores (All) – average of 80% achieved at or above expected levels Early Learning Goals (Early Years) - 93% achieved expected levels based on the UK Foundation Stage Curriculum for PSED and Maths

A Levels

46% scored straight A's 69% of all grades from A* to A 92% of all grades from A* to B 100% pass rate


95% of all grades between A* to C 84% of all grades from A* to B 68% of grades were from A* to A 52 students scored A*/A and above


100% Pass Rate 93% of all grades between A+ to C 77% of all grades from A+ to B 61% of grades were from A+ to A- 18% Straight A's

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