Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by new and existing parents. If you have a question that isn’t covered below, please contact us via this short enquiry form and our Admissions team will be in touch soon.

How big are class sizes?

Class sizes vary according to the school year, but are generally no more than 25. However, many classes are often smaller than this.

What facilities do you have?

We are proud to call a state-of-the-art purpose-built campus home! Please see our Campus and Facilities for more.

Does the school offer any after school activities?

There are a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) on offer to all age groups from from Year 1 (TIS) and Form 1 (SST) upwards, covering all areas of interest including sports, the arts, media, science, languages and more. All students are required to do at least one CCA per week but may do more.

What is the House System?

Every student is assigned to one of four Houses when they first arrive. These Houses compete against one another in school sports, arts and academic competitions, offering students the chance to develop a healthy competitive spirit while providing a focus of identity beyond their year group.

As we have the benefit of being a relatively small school, we believe that the House system is very important in order to build a tighter-knit school community.

Are students involved in organising school activities?

Student leadership is very important to us. Our Prefects (Primary and Secondary in TIS/SST) and School Council representatives (Secondary in TIS/SST) are expected to work as a team to organise events across the school, thus developing leadership and problem solving skills.

We believe that learning is about developing the whole person, and this means students must be regularly challenging themselves inside and outside the classroom.

How much parent involvement is there in school activities?

There is an active Parents Association that meets regularly with the Senior Leadership of the school. The role of the Parents’ Association is to facilitate contact between parents and staff, while offering new parents a supportive community to be part of at the school. The association also regularly organises events for the school community such as festive celebrations and fun fairs.

Parents also have the opportunity to raise issues or discuss learning with teachers and leaders through regular parent forums and parent teacher conferences. In addition, parents of all year groups are regularly invited to school performances, events and competitions to share in the learning and progress of their children.

Where do most of the families in the Tenby Schools Setia Eco Gardens community live?

Our families come from a variety of locations in and around Johor Bahru, including Bukit Indah, Skudai, Setia Eco Gardens and Puteri Harbour. Many come from further afield still.  

See where our families come from and connect with fellow parents in the community through our Parents’ Association.

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