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Our Admissions Team

We are on hand to help you through the selection process and to give you a better understanding of the criteria for admission to Tenby International School Tropicana Aman. For more information, please visit our Admissions Process.

We understand that choosing the right school is a big undertaking and you want to be careful, so do take some time to go through this section to acquaint yourself with our school’s admission processes and get the information you need. Should you have any more enquiries, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Bringing Out The Best In Children

Opened in September 2018, we are the newest campus in the Tenby Schools family, and we cater to children from Early Years to Secondary within an international school environment. Our 10-acre campus is designed to meet the educational needs of the 21st Century learners. As such, it is equipped with the latest teaching and learning equipment, and includes a range of facilities that allow students to gain wider experiences through a choice of co-curricular activities.

Skills For Life

We understand that as parents, you aspire to create a better future for your children. As such, our teachers are focused on providing a high quality learning environment that helps students develop the qualities that support their success in life.

Developing the right learning skills while instilling a strong character is a primary priority. Here, learning experiences go beyond the classroom and include participating in a wider range of activities where children can develop and apply their knowledge, skills and insights in all areas of life. We also adhere to a Tenby Learner Profile which enshrines key soft attributes that we believe will equip our students well for the challenges of adulthood. Qualities such as compassion, responsibility and proactiveness signify high achieving students who can continue to excel long after they have left the traditional school environment, and all our teachers share the common goal of instilling these traits in their students.

Do download our prospectus for more information on school life here, or peruse through a typical day at Tenby.

A History Of Excellence

Even though we may be the youngest campus in the Tenby Schools family, our methods and approaches have been finely tuned over 60 years of excellence in the Malaysian market. After all, the first Tenby school, Tenby Schools Ipoh, was opened in 1960 and was one of the very first international schools in Malaysia, before becoming one of the first to integrate the Malaysian National curriculum into an international campus environment.

Here in Tropicana Aman, we bring forth this spirit of excellence in education through our curriculum, our state-of-the-art teaching environment and, of course, our educators. Tying this all together is our philosophy of Amazing Learning which is based on the truth that students get better when they are allowed to encounter good struggle in their learning process. It is an approach implemented in 50 schools across 15 countries, and one that we place at the very centre of how we educate our learners.

If you are interested in exploring Tenby International School Tropicana Aman further as an option for your child, these are some of the next steps you can take.  We hope to count you and your family as part of our extended Tenby Schools family in the near future.

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