Student Leadership

It is important for a child’s holistic development to experience leadership opportunities during their formative years in school.

Leadership skills are becoming increasingly crucial in today’s entrepreneurial and corporate world. The level of leadership skills you possess can be the difference between success and failure, and the key attributes are the ability to build relationships, communicating effectively and fostering a sense of teamwork. 

We understand the importance of cultivating these qualities at a young age. Hence, we encourage our students to develop and showcase their leadership capabilities by taking up positions such as:

  • Head Student and Vice Head Student
  • Head of Student Council (and Student Council members)
  • Prefects
  • Eco Warriors
  • House Captains

Under the guidance of our student leaders, we have successfully organised many exciting and meaningful events such as:

Charity Carnival

Wholly organised by the Sixth Form leadership team, the 2019 event saw nearly 4000 people attending, raising RM25,000 for worthy charities!

Tenby Leadership Trek (TLT)

An annual one day event in November where Secondary Prefects organise activities to boost students’ leadership skills.

Merdeka Day Celebration

Students lead this celebration of Malaysia’s independence by planning and rehearsing performances and presentations to be showcased on celebration day.

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