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International School Penang


Early Years
Academic subjects come alive as teachers use multiple strategies to help children discover concepts and ideas that open up the world around them.
The methodology used in the classroom is carefully designed to draw out the best from each student, both academically and personally. Teachers are committed to observing students closely to ensure that they are learning well.
Our student-centered approach creates opportunities to draw out critical and creative thinking. Teachers work hard to instil in students that gaining knowledge is an active process that they themselves participate in. This is key to developing independence and critical-thinking skills.

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International School Penang

I do Taekwondo and play the ukulele during my CCAs. They make me more confident and creative, and I get to make many new friends too.

Standard 2
International School Penang

Amazing Learning is an endless learning journey and there will always be failure in any Amazing Learning journey. It is also a continuous learning journey where we get to discover new things and to explore the world with our knowledge.

Form 5
International School Penang

Amazing Learning is discovering something truly surprising and having it etched in your mind. In IPC, we learnt how yeast consumes sugar to produce carbon dioxide, which in turn helps make bread rise. The hands-on experience was amazing, and now I vividly recall the key information.

Year 6
International School Penang

Amazing learning is the process of taking in new information and applying it along with our previous knowledge to not only our studies but also our daily lives. Amazing learning is associated with several components, like having a good struggle, making mistakes, and learning from them. It pushes students to work harder to achieve their goals.

Year 10
International School Penang

My teachers make learning feel like an adventure for me! They always encourage me to do my best.

Standard 2
International School Penang

Amazing Learning is being able to recognise the mistakes I have made and to build from them—to expand the foundation of my knowledge wider so that I can build higher and achieve greater things. It is to embrace my errors and to face challenges boldly and with passion.

Year 8
International School Penang

My teachers always encourage me to be curious and kind. This makes every day a new discovery for me.

Standard 2
International School Penang

I've embraced the Good Struggles of mastering English. Thanks to the English Language Centre at Tenby and my dedicated teachers, I don’t just write in English now, I write with confidence.

Year 9
International School Penang

Confidence is the key to success, both inside and outside the classroom. Thanks to my teachers and friends, they've empowered me to thrive in mathematics while pursuing my passions in sports and music.

Year 11

We've been very pleased with the truly international and positive atmosphere here in Tenby. We were a little bit worried about withdrawing our three children from the world famous educational system we had in Finland. But we have found the learning environment in Tenby Schools Penang encouraging and perfect for them.

Helena and Antti Kuulasmaa,
Parents at Tenby International School

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