Our learners build a natural confidence and a problem-solving mind, which empowers them to take action and be the change they wish to see.


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International School Penang


Early Years
Academic subjects come alive as teachers use multiple strategies to help children discover concepts and ideas that open up the world around them.
The methodology used in the classroom is carefully designed to draw out the best from each student, both academically and personally. Teachers are committed to observing students closely to ensure that they are learning well.
Our student-centered approach creates opportunities to draw out critical and creative thinking. Teachers work hard to instil in students that gaining knowledge is an active process that they themselves participate in. This is key to developing independence and critical-thinking skills.

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International School Penang

Amazing Learning is being able to know your mistakes and progress from them. It is okay to make mistakes as long as we correct them on the way

Sin Ying
Year 11

The English Language Centre is not just about fluency, it's about acquiring a new way of thinking and communicating effectively.

Year 7

Students here have many choices of co-curricular activities that they can choose from.

Junior 1

Amazing Learning is a process of acknowledging your mistakes, taking on the challenge to progress, and to enjoy, and be passionate, about what you are learning

Year 11

Being a student leader here has taught me the values of leadership, diligence and teamwork which are essential and useful for my learning journey and future.

Ang Ling
Year 10

We've been very pleased with the truly international and positive atmosphere here in Tenby. We were a little bit worried about withdrawing our three children from the world famous educational system we had in Finland. But we have found the learning environment in Tenby Schools Penang encouraging and perfect for them.

Helena and Antti Kuulasmaa,
Parents at Tenby International School

As a parent of 3 children who, at some point have been through Tenby Schools Penang I have great regard for the school. There is a sense of community that exists amongst the children, their teachers and the parents is something that we find special here. There is nothing more joyous for a parent than to see their child wake up every morning excited about another day of learning! And the learning that happens for our children here at Tenby Penang thanks to this community is not just academic but also skills and ways to grow up to be good young adults. And it is these soft skills and strengths that prepare our children to face their future with confidence.

Alka Goh,
Parent at Tenby International School

My son chose to continue with Tenby Sixth Form after his excellent results in IGCSE 2017. I am pleased that teachers work closely with the students in a good environment at school. I am happy with the learning experience which I see from day to day both academically and socially.

Madam Siti,
Parent at Tenby International School

I visited a few international schools in Penang before deciding to move my children from national school into Tenby. Tenby has culture diversity and yet with Asian values and the necessary discipline. Children are encouraged to learn in a positive environment where they are motivated to achieve their best.

Parent at Tenby International School

As an Asian parent with international school experience myself, I feel that Tenby provides my children a good balance between exposure to international perspective and practices and respecting Asian values and traditions, which of course includes aspiration for high achievement. That's very important because schools are not just about getting the grades, it is also about moulding children into good and useful citizens.

Parent at Tenby International School

Tenby International Penang
Teachers' Experience

At Tenby Schools Penang we focus our efforts on being the school of choice, not only for our students but also for our teachers! Our positive learning environment supports both students and teachers to get better. In this video some of our teachers share their perspectives on being part of the Tenby Schools Penang community.

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