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Tenby Schools Penang is having an Open House Week, from 15 (Monday) – 20 (Saturday) August 2022! This is your opportunity to to visit our amazing learning environment, meet the friendly Admissions Team and enjoy a limited-time exclusive waiver* off your registration and application fee when you enrol your child with us this August 2022.

Our Admissions team will also be able to brief you on the programmes available, our Amazing Learning environment, co-curricular and outdoor learning activities, and even our English support classes [scroll below for more information].

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🕗 8am – 4pm, Mon – Friday
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Tenby International School Penang as a Multi-lingual School

As an international school that focuses on building a conducive multi-lingual environment, our students are always encouraged to express themselves bilingually, from Early Years up until Secondary. Plenty of efforts have been taken to grow our students’ interest to learn a different language. For instance, we offer three types of English support according to the English level for non-English speaking students:

English Immersion Classes for Beginners in our English Language Centre (ELC)
If your child is new to English and needs to start with the basics, he or she will be enrolled in the school on a Conditional Offer in our English Immersion Classes until we see progress in their level of English. English Immersion is a highly intensive class for approximately 15 hours a week.

English Proficiency Classes in our English Language Centre (ELC)
If the entrance assessment shows that your child’s English level is at Stage 2, they will be enrolled into the school on a Conditional Offer and be placed in this programme. Students will spend about 7 to 11 hours per week (depending on their year group) in the ELC.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support
• In Tenby International Primary School (TIPS): Your child will be supported in class by the EAL teacher and/or will be extracted from the class for a 40-minute lesson once or twice a week. These lessons are small group lessons so that the students can benefit from extra support.
• In Tenby International Secondary School (TISS): In KS3 (Y7, Y8 and Y9), students are extracted for small group English lessons once or twice a week for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Students tend to be extracted from 1 subject out of either Music, Design Technologies, ICT or Drama. In KS4 (Y10 and Y11), students usually get extra support in class from the EAL teacher. Some students may also be strongly advised to attend booster sessions or EAL CCA after school to get extra support.

The full prospectus on the English support classes can be read here.

Instilling the Interests in Learning Mandarin

While Tenby International School Penang students are taught in English, we also focus on high quality Mandarin learning at all stages.

Our International Primary children have the choice to learn Mandarin every day. Transitioning into secondary school, students are directed into first language, second language or foreign language Mandarin provision. Students have the choice to fast track their IGCSE Mandarin in Year 9 too.

Choosing to learn a new language is a fun experience. Avneet, our Year 10 student said: “I think learning Mandarin is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and sharpen your brain. Although it can be difficult, it is worth it because you can create new pathways to take in your future.

Have a look at what the Tenby International School Penang community has to say about our multi-lingual environment!

Parents’ Testimonial – English Support Class

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