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Our experienced teachers and staff leaders are the bedrock of our success at Tenby Schools Penang. Across both Tenby International School and Sekolah Sri Tenby, they are the connection between philosophy and action, personalising our approach of Amazing Learning for the benefit of each and every child.

Teachers here know that they can make an impact far beyond the classroom. By instilling a school culture that places emphasis on independence and resilience, they play a key role in developing students with the attributes necessary to be successful in both work and life.

Jeanne Denyer
Campus Principal, Tenby Schools Penang

Jeanne has been Campus Principal at Tenby Schools Penang since 2019, prior to which she headed up Tenby Schools Miri. 

Coming from a family of teachers, she understands what it means to live in an international environment. After growing up in a small village in South Africa, she relocated to the United Kingdom in 1997 as part of a role with the South African High Commission in London where she had responsibility, amongst other things, for promoting education and cultural links between South Africa and the UK. She then made the transition to teaching in 2002, continuing to do so in UK-based schools until 2013 when she made the move to Malaysia. 

She believes that good learning takes place in an environment where children’s opinions matter and where they are encouraged to take risks – just one of the reasons why she is a perfect fit for our educational philosophy.

Meet our Leadership Team

Elizabeth Cloke
Head of Tenby International School, Secondary

Elizabeth joined Tenby International School, Kuala Lumpur in August 2014 as the Deputy Head Teacher after 10 years of teaching in the United Kingdom and Thailand. In 2016, She became the Head of Secondary at Tenby International School, Penang.

She holds a BA (Hons) Business Management from Manchester Metropolitan University and has helped improve the quality of teaching and learning at Tenby Schools Penang through bespoke CPD pathways while coaching and mentoring teachers and staff leaders. She has also established policies and frameworks for quality assurance while playing an important role in inter-school collaboration within the Tenby Schools group to share best practices.

Henrietta Sian Jameson
Head of Tenby International School, Primary

Henrietta is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience. She holds a BSc Hons in Environmental Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University and a PGCE teaching qualification from Bath Spa University. She joined our Primary department in 2015 as a Year Six teacher before moving up to her present role in 2017.

As the Head of Primary, she leads numerous school initiatives and student engagement activities that have triggered overall improvements in performance. She also carries out learning walks and lesson observations to ensure key strategies are embedded across the school, and is a firm believer in using data to identify strengths and areas for development, and to set end-of-year targets for teachers.

Ooi Eng Lye
Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby, Secondary

A native of Penang island, Mr. Ooi brings 40 years of teaching experience to his role as Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby, Secondary. A holder of an MA in Malay Studies from University Science Malaysia, he received his National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in 2001 and held the respected title of “Master Teacher” at Penang Free School from 2003 until he joined Tenby Schools Penang in 2018.

Aside from teaching, Mr. Ooi is an active member of the local community who imparts his skills and time for the benefit others. Among his community activities, he is a lifetime member of the Penang Family Planning Association and actively volunteers with the local branch of the Kechara Soup Kitchen.

Teoh Sin Yee
Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby, Primary

Ms Teoh joined Tenby Schools Penang in 2010. Besides being the Head of Sekolah Sri Tenby, Primary, she is also a Science teacher for students in the age groups of 7 to 12 years old.

Additionally, she handles numerous administrative tasks and is the panel head of the Science department. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biotechnology from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and a PGCEi from Queen’s University Belfast.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to send in a letter of application together with a comprehensive CV including personal details, qualifications, working experience and contact details of three referees to: hr.penang@tenby.edu.my

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