Making A Difference

Education is about developing the ‘whole child’, and this means instilling a positive sense of self through good values, respect for others, compassion, responsibility and integrity. 

In line with this ethos, we are always enthusiastic about supporting charities and giving our students the opportunity to lead these initiatives from the front. This is a great way for them to develop a sense of personal empathy, understand the plight of others and take pride in making a difference. 

Here are some of the charities that our students have elected to support.

Shan Children’s Home

Student volunteers from our Community Council (a subsection of the Student Leadership Council) support orphanages in our community by running activities for the children.

Christmas Tree Giving

To encourage a spirit of giving over the Festive Season, the school puts up a Christmas “giving tree” to enable the community to purchase a gift for those less fortunate than themselves. These gifts are donated to homeless shelters and orphanages in Penang.

Beach Clean-up

Our students are encouraged to develop respect for the environment by participating in projects such as cleaning up the local beaches.
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