Primary – Malaysian National Curriculum

Primary students in Sekolah Sri Tenby (aged 7-12) undertake the Malaysian National Primary School Standard Curriculum, or Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) while studying in an inclusive, international setting.

Our approach combines the best of both Malaysian and global approaches. As a certified Dual Language Program (DLP) school, we are one of a select group of National-type schools in Malaysia to offer Mathematics and Science subjects in English. Furthered by our philosophy of Amazing Learning, which promotes an individualised, engagement-driven learning approach that helps students become independent, proactive learners, a Primary education in Sekolah Sri Tenby provides the basis for students to develop the skills necessary for success, wherever life may take them.

Curriculum & Areas of Learning

With the development of the next generation of talented professionals as our ultimate goal, a Primary education at Sekolah Sri Tenby Penang promotes the acquisition of a holistic set of knowledge areas and skills that span creative thinking, innovation, problem-solving and leadership, through Standards 1 to 6.

Subjects offered at the Primary level are:

Some of these subjects, such as the core subjects of Mathematics and Science, are taught in English. Chinese language lessons is a compulsory subject in Form 1, 2 and 3 which provide added linguistic proficiency.

The Primary school journey paves the way for the next phase of education. Students may then choose to continue education in Sekolah Sri Tenby under the Malaysian National Curriculum during the Secondary years, or switch to Tenby International School and study towards the IGCSE examinations.

For a full list of subjects and details of learning at the Primary level, please download the Sekolah Sri Tenby prospectus.

Areas of Development

Excellent performance in public examinations is, without a doubt, a key benchmark in evaluating a student’s progress in school. However, we also undertake ongoing formative assessments, called Assessment For Learning, which helps us to gauge a student’s overall learning progress. Outcome and feedback from this assessment allows us to align classroom teaching methods with our central objective of forging independent and engaged inquirers through the curriculum.

Ultimately, the aim at all times is to deliver Amazing Learning, where students are able to surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers – with the levels of learning they have reached. This can only happen when students are challenged to undergo good struggle, where they develop and put to use a resilient and determined mindset to overcome difficulties and achieve to their fullest potential. In our opinion, this mindset is the greatest gift that we can give Primary years students, as it will never leave their side as they grow into teenagers, young adults and finally working professionals in the wider world.

For us, Amazing Learning can happen in many spheres of school life – whether academically in the classroom, socially through play and community activities, or emotionally through overcoming mental barriers and perceived limitations. Learning should be something that can happen anywhere, and at any time.

Outside The Classroom

Success in the Primary years at Sekolah Sri Tenby Penang is also about learning beyond the classroom. Rather than position students as empty vessels that need to be filled with information, we ignite a spark in them by exposing them to a variety of experiences and opportunities around campus. Among the unique learning avenues your child could enjoy are:

• Personal development events and camps
(e.g. public speaking, social & emotional learning talks)

• National and local competitions in sports and much more
(recent competitions have been in coding, robotics, Lego and engineering)

• Environmental awareness activities
(e.g. eco fairs, Earth Day, recycling activities)

A wide variety of co-curricular activities also provide students with the chance to pursue their passions and develop their interpersonal skills. These activities are offered across Sekolah Sri Tenby and Tenby International School, meaning that students can build friendships and grow a sense of identity and camaraderie that goes beyond their year group and school stream.

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