A Typical Day at Tenby Schools

Tenby International School

To prepare our students to face the world, learning in the classroom is carefully balanced between teacher-led learning and active student participation. Students are encouraged to engage with lessons by asking questions to show that they are using their critical thinking skills, and we expect them to reach and exceed high standards. This is so that they can experience those Amazing Learning moments where they surprise themselves at how much they have improved.

Early Years
As students are welcomed into the classroom by teachers and friends, they know that they are in for an enjoyable day of exploring. Teachers use multiple strategies to help them discover concepts and ideas that open up the world around them. They are also kept engaged and interested through active learning activities.
Classroom methodology is carefully considered for every class in order to get the best out of each student. They are also encouraged to see the bigger picture, and apply the things that they learn beyond the classroom. Throughout the day, teachers observe all students closely and consider how to ensure that they are learning well, using a wide-ranging assessment system.
Teachers take advantage of classroom dynamics to encourage students to be inquisitive and to discover the answers for themselves. This instils in students that gaining knowledge is an active process that they need to participate in. In addition, teachers focus not only on delivering lessons, but on being mentors and guides, helping the student to set their own goals as well as providing feedback to keep them on track. Independence is expected, but teachers are always on hand if students need any support.
Sekolah Sri Tenby

In line with international approach to learning, we expose all our learners to a multinational environment with our campus that integrates both in the International or National stream. English and Bahasa Melayu are the main languages of instruction while students are strongly encouraged to take a third language of their choice. This will enable them to be comfortable with diversity of cultures and opinions in order to thrive in the 21st century.

The Malaysian National syllabus is delivered with a stimulating international approach. In the classroom, students are encouraged to take an active role in learning by asking questions and voicing their opinions. Teachers create lesson plans that challenge students to develop critical and creative thinking skills.
Secondary school life presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. Class lessons are designed to help students develop their critical thinking skills. We want them to ask questions and also to take responsibility for discovering the answers. Character building is also important to us, and we seek ways to weave positive values such as personal effectiveness, positive relationships and global-mindedness into the learning process.
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