Campus Principal’s Message

Campus Principal

Jeanne Denyer

Jeanne’s international perspective and experience add an extra dimension to her role as Campus Principal. Having grown up in South Africa before relocating to the UK with the South African High Commission in London, she then transitioned to teaching in 2002 before making the move to Malaysia in 2013.

Backed by her varied experiences, she is passionate in her belief that effective learning happens when students are encouraged to express their opinions and take risks in a positive environment. She is excited about bringing this approach to bear in her role at Tenby Schools Penang.

Welcome to Tenby Schools Penang!

This is a magnificent time to join a school that is dedicated to helping the next generation be ready for the next great things when they enter The STEAM Engine, our new centre for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics, opening in September 2023.

Over the years, we have gained a solid reputation as one of the best schools on the island thanks to a dedication to excellence, a high quality learning environment and a commitment to helping our students develop their softer skills in addition to academic prowess. 

Our dual-stream campus, located in the suburb of Tanjung Bungah, creates a unique learning culture that draws the best from both worlds. Whichever curriculum your child studies from, he or she will benefit from an internationally-minded approach that acts as a passport to global success.


As part of the Tenby Schools group, we draw upon a 60-year heritage of educational excellence as well as the best of evidence-based pedagogy to deliver a methodology that combines intellectual endeavour with a broad range of co-curricular activities to facilitate all-rounded character-development. 

This approach has resulted in consistently outstanding results across both our schools here in Penang. We are tremendously proud of our Tenby International School students’ outstanding academic performance. In Cambridge IGCSE examinations an outstanding 93% of our students in English, maths and science achieve A* – C with many exceeding their targets at A*-A.

In addition, Sekolah Sri Tenby students also benefit from a gateway to international education. As a Dual Language School, Science subjects and Mathematics are taught in English, while their participation in the broader school community helps to engender an international mindset and the language fluency needed for successful international tertiary education. 


This is a place for children to grow. By creating a learning environment that is both rigorous and encouraging, we ensure that our students have the means to fulfill the high expectations that we place on them.

Our dedicated staff and faculty actively seek opportunities for our students to grow beyond their current level of capability. Besides encouraging academic achievement, your child is encouraged to explore all levels of learning, with a wide range of co-curricular giving an outlet for the development of pre-existing interests, whether they lie in the arts, sports, sciences or other areas.

In essence, we want to give our students an opportunity to explore their capabilities and become the best person they can be. After all, the true measure of a school is not what students are capable of when they are 18 but what have they have achieved by the time they are 80.


Tenby Schools Penang is a highly diverse community, bringing together people from various nationalities and cultures. Being in this environment, and making the most of it, is how global citizens are built. These are people who are respectful of others, comfortable with diversity and able to communicate at multiple levels and in multiple ways. 

By taking up leadership opportunities and being involved in the organising of school events, our students become global citizens, empowered to achieve highly at whatever they choose to do in life.


When our students can say “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!” is when they are experiencing Amazing Learning moments. When we help them amaze themselves enough times, students develop the perseverance and confidence that acts as a firm foundation for success later in life.

We are committed to being a school that facilitates students in this journey to becoming better versions of themselves. This is because we believe that a person of excellent character will bring about excellence to all they do. 

Feel free to explore our website further to discover what our learning community is all about. Better yet, come and visit us in person to experience the Tenby School environment and see it for yourself.

The world has never been more exciting, and we can’t wait to show you around so you can make the most of school life when you join our community!

Find Out More About Amazing Learning!

Do you know what Amazing Learning is and how this would benefit your child? Watch the videos below presented by our Campus Principal, Ms Jeanne Denyer and learn about effective learning happens when students are encouraged to engage in a good struggle.

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