Parents’ Association

International School Penang

Partnering for our students’ success

At Tenby Schools Penang, we believe that involved parents lead to inspired students. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with our Parents’ Association to communicate with the community, understand issues and provide support to our valued educators.

Our Parents’ Association is not directly involved in teaching. However, by canvassing the views of the entire school community including parents of students in Tenby International School and Sekolah Sri Tenby, the Parents’ Association plays a crucial role in identifying trends in feedback across schools and year groups, giving us the means to make improvements and adjustments in an efficient and sustainable way.

We also organise various school events for students and their families throughout the school year. Some of them include the Tenby Annual Spring Fair, Teachers’ Day celebrations, festive celebrations and cultural days. There are also regular guest speakers who are invited to speak on topics as varied as children’s dietary health, academics, safety and more.

How the Parents’ Association works

Parents of all students attending either Tenby International School or Sekolah Sri Tenby are automatically deemed to be members of the Parents’ Association, and there is no membership fee. Membership in the association gives parents the opportunity to make the most of their place in the community by:

  • Providing support for school events and activities, fund-raising for charities, trips and inter-school competitions.
  • Maintaining close contact with school leadership through events such as coffee mornings/information mornings.
  • Meeting other parents, especially the ones that are new to the school, and nurturing a greater sense of school community.
  • Promoting the wellbeing and interests of students in cooperation with the school principal, and teachers.

For parents who wish to play a more active role, the Parents’ Association Committee offers this opportunity. The Committee comprises members from all sections of the schools – Tenby International Primary School (TIPS), Tenby International Secondary School (TISS), Sekolah Sri Tenby Primary School (STPS) and Sekolah Sri Tenby Secondary School (STSS) – and receive feedback from volunteer parent class representatives who cover each and every class in both schools.

For more information, please visit the official Tenby Schools Penang Parents’ Association website.

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