Tenby International School Penang celebrates record-breaking IGCSE results for the Class of 2022!

Congratulations to our record-breaking IGCSE students!

Tenby International School Penang celebrates record-breaking IGCSE results for the Class of 2022.

Students determination and commitment to ensuring they embrace the ‘Good Struggle’ of effective learning, has produced fantastic outcomes.

Some highlights:

• 59% of all grades were A*/ A
• 88% of students achieved at least 5 grades at A* – C
• 71% of students achieved A* – C grades in core subjects
• Biology: 100% A-C | Chemistry: 100% A-C | Physics: 100% A*-C
• Additional Mathematics: 100 A-C | 81% A/ A grades
• Mathematics: 93% A-C | 71% A*/ A grades
• Mathematics Combined: A* – C 74%
• English as First Language: 97% A-C | 47% A/ A grades
• English Literature: 81% A*/ A grades
• Design Technology: 100% A*-C | 81% A*-A

Congratulations to our Top Achieving IGCSE Students:

• Mischa 10 IGCSEs A*-A
• Adam 10 IGCSEs A*-A
• Lakeisha 10 IGCSEs A*-A
• Jing Wen 10 IGCSEs A*-A
• Ashley 10 IGCSEs A*-A
• Kohsei 9 IGCSEs A*-A
• Ee Jin 9 IGCSEs A*-A

Consistently stretching and challenging our students has resulted in them achieving more – surpassing CAT 4 target grades to achieve a school record of 59% of all grades at A*/ A.

Our new Head of Tenby International Secondary School Penang Julia Maunder praised the students phenomenal achievement, she said: “We are so very proud of our Year 11 students who have shown great determination, resilience, and motivation in their learning journeys. We look forward to seeing what their futures hold”.

At Tenby International School Penang, results continue to go up and up and we look forward to celebrating more successes through the year. Thank you to all teachers, parents, and especially the students themselves for the hard work and dedication that have produced our best school results ever.

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