Thank You for Making the STEAM Fest a Huge Success!

Thank you for attending our electrifying STEAM Fest Open Day! It was a day where hundreds of families gathered to create, innovate and experiment in the exciting realms of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics! 🧪🎨

Visitors experienced an array of exciting STEAM challenges and activities! They courageously designed, coded and crafted solutions to survive a zombie apocalypse, creatively debuted their own tunes in the STEAM Punk Makerspace 🎶, immersed themselves in the captivating VR world 🥽, and unravelled the intriguing process of how materials transform in nylon production! The student-led exhibition, a testament to their creativity and intellect, left us all in anticipation for the exciting prospects once the STEAM Engine is up and running. 🤩

A huge shout out too to our STEAM partners Penang Science Cluster, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Reimagine Plastic, Chumbaka and the incredible parent helpers. Your relentless drive for innovation is the spark that ignites our changemakers!

Our enthusiastic STEAM Coordinator, Ms Sathisha shared: “The STEAM Fest is a vibrant showcase of our unwavering commitment to STEAM education; we are leading the change in Malaysia. We are extremely proud of our amazing students for showcasing and sharing everything they’ve learned in true Tenby spirit! The future is unfolding, and we are ready to break down barriers between subjects once the STEAM Engine is up and running.”

If you missed our Open Day but you’re still STEAM-curious, you can book a guided campus tour with our Heads of School on Friday, 19 May at 9am – 10am. Register here.

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