Enrol in Year 7 and Get a Free iPad

Boost your STEAM journey with a FREE iPad Bundle when you enrol in Year 7 at Tenby International Secondary School Penang in August 2023.

Join our global community of problem solvers and immerse yourself in our dynamic STEAM approach that unravels the interconnected wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

With a new iPad, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil as your steadfast companion you’ll be sure to interact with our British International Curriculum in a variety of creative ways.

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Terms and Conditions Apply.

Year 7 iPad Toolkit Terms and Conditions

  1. Provision of the iPad Toolkit: Every Year 7 student who enrols in Tenby International School Penang in August 2023 will receive an iPad Toolkit. This includes a 64GB WIFI-only iPad, an Apple Magic Keyboard, and a 1st Generation Apple Pencil.
  2. Ownership and Responsibility: Upon receipt, the iPad toolkit becomes and remains the property of the student’s parent or guardian. It is highly recommended that the iPad Toolkit be covered by appropriate insurance. Please note that the parent or guardian is solely responsible for any loss or damage to the iPad Toolkit.
  3. Purpose of the iPad: The iPad has been carefully chosen to enhance and support the creative STEAM learning experience of the student at Tenby International School Penang.
  4. Conditions Related to Student Departure: If the student leaves Tenby International School Penang within two years (or less than 6 terms) from the date of receiving the iPad Toolkit, an amount of RM3,500 will be chargeable to parent or deducted from their deposit. This cost is associated with the provision of the iPad Toolkit.
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