The STEAM Engine Opens Its Doors to Business Partners and Agencies

International School Penang

Education has taken a bold step forward with the opening of The STEAM Engine to a select group of industries and educational specialists with over 60 guests gracing the new 75,000-square-foot building!

Through strategic partnerships with innovative institutions like Tech Dome Penang, VEX Robotics and ByteEd, we are providing our students with vast, meaningful opportunities to engage in new experiences within a nurturing atmosphere.

Campus Principal Ms Jeanne Denyer said “Our learning spaces are designed to be flexible, allowing the curriculum to adapt to innovative technologies and the unique problems that arise in the world. This is a place where innovation and curiosity drive learning. Students discover their passions and build a personal portfolio of skills in an atmosphere where confidence grows.”

Partnerships with universities and colleges are also part of the plan to provide micro-credential courses. Specialist rooms such as the auditorium will be available to the wider community to address the demand for specialist performance and gathering spaces in Penang.

The STEAM Engine is more than an educational facility; it’s a commitment to fostering learners who are curious, confident, and capable of understanding and shaping the world around them.

The grand launch of The STEAM Engine will be celebrated at the annual STEAM Fest on Saturday, 29 June 2024. Admission is free and bookings will be opened soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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