Learning Support

Our students come to us from many different backgrounds, and with many different needs too. As the school of choice in Penang, we strive to assist all students and equip them with the tools necessary to make the most of their learning opportunities.

The Learning Centre (TLC) is our very own dedicated student support hub on campus. The centre is staffed by specialist teachers with extensive experience in delivering to specific education needs, and provides our teachers the necessary teaching aides and technology to make a difference for their students.

Support is offered through:

English Language Support

We offer 3 types of support according to the English level of your child:

  • English Immersion Classes for Beginners in our English Language Centre (ELC)
  • English Proficiency Classes in our English Language Centre (ELC)
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support

For more information about English Support, please download the full prospectus below.

English Support Prospectus (English version)

English Support Prospectus (Chinese version)

English Support Prospectus (Korean version)

Parent’s Testimonial – English Support Class

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Our Special Education Needs, or SEN, department is also based in The Learning Centre and assists students who have special learning needs, helping them transition into school life academically and socially.

The standard procedure in identifying and assisting students with special education needs is as follows:

  1. Once you have made an official application for your child to join Tenby Schools Penang, your child will be required to take the GL Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4), which is a standard requirement for admission. Find out more here.
  2. If your child is deemed to have performed below the required standard in the test, the next step is to determine whether this is purely due to a language issue or because of other factors as well.
  3. If this is the case, further informal assessments will be administered to determine:
    1. What the learning/education issue is
    2. Whether the school is able to provide the support necessary to enable effective learning to take place

In cases where we are able to accept a student with special education needs, we will also recommend external agencies and learning centres which can provide further, specialist assistance.

If your child has a special education need, please specify this to our admissions team when submitting your official application.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

The Learning Centre in Sekolah Sri Tenby also provides support in Social, Emotional and Mental Health, or SEMH. This involves specialist staff who are able to deliver counselling to students – aged 8 to 17 years old – who may have experienced issues that are bothering them at a personal level.

Our counselling approach is collaborative and encourages the involvement of parents, teachers and other caregivers with a knowledge of the student in question. By helping to identity the root causes of problems and providing the necessary solutions, the aim is to remove negative factors from the student’s life while boosting his or her internal coping abilities. This helps encourage a more positive experience of family, friends, school, success and challenges.

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