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Languages Open Day

1 October

Tenby International School Penang proudly presents Languages Day for International Kindergarten and Primary students on Saturday, 1 October 2022 at 10am – 12pm.

Come on a journey to experience our multi-dimensional languages curriculum, curated for 3 to 11-year-olds. Our students can choose to learn Mandarin every day, as well as weekly Bahasa Melayu and English lessons which follow the English curriculum.

For students needing additional support with English, they will flourish with the guidance of our specialist team at our English Centre.

Take a tour of the school and see for yourself why we are the #schoolofchoice when it comes to safeguarding as your children explore their curiosity in the safest environment. Experience our learning environment and engage in activities that will start your child speaking with confidence. Watch as their creativity and imagination pop when they embrace a Good Struggle moment.

Get a glimpse of our different language pathways when your child becomes a part of the Tenby Schools community. A wholesome and holistic experience awaits them.

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