International Learning Opportunities for Students [ILOS]

The International Learning Opportunities for Students [ILOS] programmes are one of the more exciting and dynamic chances for SEH students to push their learning experience onto the global stage. From engaging in challenging competitions such as the Maths Challenge and Chess Tournament, to becoming involved in more academic based inquiry projects such as the I am a Scientist programme, ILOS activities ensure students get the full international learning experience while at SEH. In addition to competitive programmes, learners also develop the critical values of communication and initiative through humanities-based programmes such as the Street Child United and ISP Futures, which look to develop awareness and solutions to environmental issues in the local and global community. Whether a student is competitive or more collaborative in their nature, with over 10 projects the ILOS programme at SEH ensures that all learners can push their boundaries and enjoy a truly international learning experience with other ISP students around the globe.

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