Tenby Setia EcoHill SPIRIT

At Tenby International School Setia EcoHill, we are committed to equipping our students with 21st Century Learning Skills through the facilitation of educational technology in our day-to-day “Amazing Learning” and “Getting Better” learning practices.

Our Digital SPIRIT provides an educational technology overview for our community as we share the common vision and mission in integrating and embedding the core values of SPIRIT in our school. We are determined to foster students’ readiness for technology because the digital age brings new challenges, not only in education, but in all other areas of life as well. With Digital SPIRIT in mind, our students learn to harness all the potential of technology and strive to become global digital citizens.

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Governance & Guiding Principles •Tenby SEH Ed Tech Team •Governance and Communications Goals & Barriers •Development Plan •Action Plan Benchmarks & Success •Technology Review •Self-Evaluation Rubric


21st Century Skills •Authentic Learning Experiences •Digital Native Assumptions Digital Citizenship •Behaviour & Accountability •Internet Safety Frameworks •MicrosoftK12 Educational Transformation Framework •Microsoft School Rubrics


Connectivity •Internet, Networks & Wi-Fi •Capacity & Growth Security •Data Protection & Security •Antivirus & Internet Safety •Backup & Disaster Recovery


People •Digital Leadership •Dedicated Technology Team Sharing •Collaboration Platform •External Collaboration Support •Technical Support •CPD


Stakeholder Engagement •Surveys & feedback Capture •Student-led Ed Tech Team Assessment & Analytics •Data Access & Ownership •Formative Feedback Capture


Hardware •Devices •Specialist Equipment Applications •Core Platform •Learning Tools

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